Learn Bio-Touch used by Healthcare Professionals as an Approach for Reducing Effects of EMFs

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Also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, EMF Sensitivity is an intolerance to certain electromagnetic frequencies. Individuals who are EMF Sensitive may experience serious and often debilitating physical symptoms and brain functions.

Here are the two types of EMFs that you might be exposed to:

High-frequency EMFs. This is the ionizing type of radiation. Scientific literature agrees that large exposures can damage DNA. Devices like X-ray imaging machines and CT scans produce low levels of this type of radiation. Other sources include gamma radiation from radioactive elements and UV radiation from either tanning beds or the sun.

Low- to mid-frequency EMFs. This is the non-ionizing type of radiation. It’s mild and thought to be harmless to people. Household appliances like microwave ovens, cellphones, hair dryers, and washing machines, as well as power lines and MRIs, produce this type of radiation. This category of EMFs includes extremely low frequency EMFs (ELF-EMFs) and radiofrequency EMFs (RF-EMFs).

Possible symptoms related to EMFs in studies include:

  • Headaches
  • Tremors
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of concentration
  • Sleep disturbance

Bio-Touch can help to ease the symptoms of EMF Sensitivity. While not a substitute for standard medical care, Bio-Touch is an effective complement to medical protocols. Family members and friends can help each other feel better using Bio-Touch, without being concerned about negative side effects.

Learn More About Using Bio-Touch as A Healing Touch Therapy for EMF Sensitivies

We would love to share the sets of points you would need to address EMF Sensitivieis. View the free presentation on Hashimoto’s Disease and then at 27 minute mark learn the Bio-Touch points that can address Hashimoto’s Disease. See video below.

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