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    About Me


  • In 2018 I attended to a Practitioner Class , during Pandemic, in 2020 became a Certified Bio-Touch Practitioner and I was certified to Teach the Practitioner Training. 
  • First of all, she is a mother. She is a voyager who is trying to succeed the most important guidance that she has chosen to experience in her Earth journey which is motherhood. In the journey of being a human, she has started asking questions about existence since a time that could be called her childhood and therefore, she experienced her first disappointment at ages 6-7 when she had a hard time trying to find answers. When the wise owl in her head said that everyone is the same, she was confused when she experienced differences. When she entered age 11 with questions and unfindable answers, this time she was curious about “reincarnation” … After the year 1974, the years started to pass even faster and she found herself in a journey in which she was constantly running after new knowledge. The answers started to show sometimes in images, in new knowledges, in lucid visions from different dimensions, but most of the times in dreams. The notion of time and dimension had disappeared and the answered started to show themselves. Her own ancestors, the wisdom in her genetic codes, her healing hands, and energy techniques entered her life. The light guides, angel energies, universal symbols, quantum universe symbols, and matrix have become both the steps and healing for her journey. While she met with her incarnated version and continuing her track with the awareness of all the new knowledge she has earned, she remembered her journey in the Earth. In the life on Earth, not only spiritualism, but feelings, thoughts, and materialistic energy was also important. Balance, yes, balance was important. In her 25 years corporate business life, taking the different responsibilities like supervising, mentoring, administration, and coaching was a different process of her journey. Licensed education entered her life. Heal Your Life ®️ – Louise Hay Instructor and Workshop Leader, Member of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics, Practitioner and Practitioner Training Teacher, Angel Energy Coaching, Reiki Energy, practitioner of Matric Touch, Channeling and Spiritual Healing Guidance.And every time, in every lifetime, the spiritual-worldly, love guide who is always with you.
  • Since April 2018, I have been experiencing the healing, supporting and completing Bio Touch Healing method which serves the physical body and implicitly the soul. With every one of my experiences, I acquire miraculous and inspiring upgrowth. The thrill of this acquirement and the thrill inside of me combines and I am fully eager to spread this method to more and more people with love.The only necessities for this method which aims to spread love, to transfer the healing power of love, and to support the physical healing that the body needs with only “touch” are:–       Touching with both of your hands’ index and middle finger with the lightness of a butterfly–       Opening your heart, being willing to overcome and give–       Being willing to spread love
  • Sharing Bio-Touch is one of the most rewarding things I do in my life. I am very grateful that I have been given an opportunity to contribute to something that supports and improves the quality of health and life for other. Also I have given two interviews which have been published .
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    Certified Spiritual Counselor


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  • I offer services as a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Angel Healing and You an Heal Your Life events. İndividual and group sessions available.
  • As an Istanbul office of Bio-Touch you can also find teachings of Ageless Wisdom, spiritual guidance, astrological principles, and introductions into the benefits of Bio-Touch.
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Visit me on Instagram: instagram.com/fatos_gorce/

Email: fatosgorce@yahoo.com

Istanbul, Turkey