Workshop Timeline
(Starting at 6:00pm – You can start anytime, but it is 2 hours)

20 minutes (after registration) (finish by 6:30)

  1. Introductions
  2. Let each participant share from personal experiences how the symptom or disease affects them and their family.
    – If there is a speaker, give them 10 to 15 minutes to present.
  3. Hand out Workbooks and tell participants it is part of entire manual which we will discuss later.
  4. Share what we will be doing tonight as we go over page 6
  5. Have participants touch each other – share ball
  6. Talk about simplicity of Bio-Touch
  7. Everyone is effective
  8. We will be giving you the sets of points to address this particular condition
  9. We will show them, then we will practice them on each other.

 30 minutes (finish by 7:00)

  • Go over the workbook and share how to do the points
    –Explain how each set of points affects this particular condition; do not go over all the other conditions that this set can help.

 40 minutes  (finish by 7:40)

  • Practice the points: if not comfortable removing any clothes, they can work on the instructors or on those who are comfortable.

 20 minutes  (finish by 8:00)

  • Participants have 30 day access to the online version of workbook with links to the video
  • Visit the website for testimonials and research data – also like our page.
  • Share what you do to share Bio-Touch. Offer participants the opportunity to work with you to help them  practice the points.
  • Answer questions and maybe go over the history – talk about the book, “Healing With The Power In Your Fingertips”, by Debra Schildhouse
    (On sale tonight for $10. Online purchase Code: BOOK)
  • Purchase of the Hard Copy version of entire manual
    (On sale tonight for $20. Online Coupon Code: MANUAL).

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