“The human heart has the extraordinary capacity to hold and transform the sorrows of life into a great stream of compassion. Compassion arises when you allow your heart to be touched by the pain and need of another.”

Many people, when they want to hug, say that we should hug left shoulder to left shoulder.  The idea is to hug “heart to heart.”  Okay, fine – yet as Bev reminded us in her last blog, the heart is in every atom and in every cell of the body. Science has actually found grey matter of the brain in each and every cell in the body. What if each cell really was a microcosm of each body, and what if each body was a microcosm of a larger body, and so on?

 “So what?” we might ask. But one thing my sense system tells me is that I can, and do, stand face to face with other humans every day. And I have learned from each one I have met, that a common denominator between us is how we are all suffering; we are all in pain.  And we are all looking for some relief. Ram Dass’s quote seems significant, as does this paragraph from our manual: 

“With a simple intent to help one’s fellow human beings and proper instruction, assistance may be initiated by any individual. Everyone, because of their inherent love and compassion for those who are suffering, can perform these methods without limitation.”

So after decades of practicing Bio-Touch I have truly come to understand that we ALL have that inherent love – we really do want to love one another and want to be loved. Sometimes I forget that statement is true. I get all wrapped up in the difference between myself and others. My judgments blind me to the unity of humanity.

But reaching out with my middle and index fingers to lightly touch another person just below their breastbone, I am immediately drawn into my heart – I am immediately communicating with the “so-called” other heart.

My judgments don’t matter then—healing just happens. It happens regardless of my thoughts, projections and intents. I am allowed to just stand in the presence of another, and for a moment my inherent nature is allowed to manifest. We both feel loved; we both feel whole. It truly is a WOW experience which triggers changes in the deepest seat of consciousness, we are told.

So let’s hug heart to heart with just that simple act of Just Touch!