Kaileen Cox, or Kai for short, is a fourth generation healer. Kai received her training as a licensed massage therapist in 2011, and has been working professionally to help people heal through a variety of modalities such as Bio-Touch, Lomi Lomi and Aromatherapy with Essential Oils.

Realizing emotional pain and past trauma have as much of an affect on the body as current physically discomfort, she decided to start incorporating some of her other gifts.

Since a child, Kai has been able to see spirits and energies and has honed her intuition to be able to communicate with them to help people heal on a spiritual and mental level. Kai also believes that each individual cell holds memories and voltage, therefore to heal on a physical level one must release memories that no longer serve and make sure each cell has the adequate amount of energy.

A few ways voltage can be added to the body is with the power of touch, crystals, sound therapy, and devices that send voltage directly into the body. Kai uses all these tools and beliefs to create a unique healing environment for people to innately heal themselves.



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