I would like to begin with a quote from the Epilogue of our Bio-Touch training manual:

“Know thyself!  Every human being is the vehicle of his own destiny. Each is free to venture into some elegant area of thought and peer with yearning trepidation into the obscure shadows. Those who refrain from this liberty will live an ordinary life, be conditioned by ordinary thoughts, and exhibit doubts that have ordinarily been postulated by others. Such people are a part of the ordinary problems seeking ordinary solutions. It is the ordinary role for the ordinary man and is clearly the most comfortable for ordinary peace of mind. The ordinary provides no favorable climate for progress.

For those who seek the summit to glimpse the mighty possibilities of the Absolute, there is no such comfort….”

This quote is the essence of why I share Bio-Touch. It’s also why I spend so many hours volunteering to make sure this organization can continue sharing this unique touch-healing system with all people. And, it is in this year of 2017 that I am reassured that we have only just begun!

At the annual Board of Directors retreat, we set the tone for the coming year. Each person gave their vision of the future of Bio-Touch as we worked together formulating our goals for 2017. These goals include: attracting a more diversified board who continue to be mission-driven; development of the Foundation’s resource base, including growth of memberships, legacy programs, and online contributions; and enhancement of our Global Community via social media and our online training programs.

The word “inspired” doesn’t even come close to expressing how I feel. I am so honored to have started this organization, only to see so many competent, dedicated people step up to take that long-ago vision through the present and into the future. I look forward to many more years of service, and hope you will join us in this most amazing experience.