Bio-Touch changed John’s life by opening the door of Self-Awareness over 30 years ago. That ignited a flame and passion for self-discovery and inner growth and exploration that continues to this very day.

John has been through many health challenges which started when he was young. He had exhausted the standard medical treatments early in life, and was searching for alternative methods to heal. While on a 1 year world travel trip to South East Asia. John spent time with indigenous tribes and cultures where people used plants to heal their ailments as well as visit “witch doctors” to heal their broken bones and injuries. John became intrigued by these methods and it opened up a whole door for ways that the body can heal. While living in Hawaii and dealing with some back pain, John found out about Bio-Touch and was encouraged to go for help. He noticed changes and results after his first session and that started a year long 2x/week process of healing and self-awareness. As John found out more about the Foundation, he attended the classes, became certified as a practitioner and instructor and started volunteering at the Hawaii Center. Shortly after he moved in with Paul and Cheryl to the Hawaii Bio-House where he took on many administrative jobs both at the Hawaii and later Tucson Centers where he worked at the Foundation for over 15 years.

John Munno started at the International Foundation of Bio-magnetics Center in Hawaii about 30 years ago. After the original trinity of Paul, Cheryl and Joyzele, John was the next in line of the second-generation instructors becoming an instructor in 1993. He was the center coordinator at both the Hawaii and Tucson Arizona centers as well as the treasurer, and intern coordinator as well one of the Accredited Teachers, helping to preserve the integrity and philosophical aspect of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics. He was a resident of both the Hawaii and Tucson Bio-Houses. He taught and certified hundreds of practitioners over his 15 years of involvement with IFBM. Through his hard work and dedication, He helped the foundation grow from a small center in Hawaii to a large global presence with numerous centers across the United States and a global presence.

After leaving the Foundation after 15 years of full-time service, John worked as a herbalist, homeopath, Sclerologist helping hundreds of clients with their health challenges. John personally has been through many healing challenges which has helped him bring a sense of compassion, healing love and understanding to his clients over the many years.

After moving to the east coast to start a new life, John continued his work in the holistic healing field helping run a retail wellness center in Connecticut for 4 years. All in all, he spent over 25 years in the Holistic Healing field before moving into the field of photography where he currently works as a full time wedding photographer and a nature and landscape photographer with an emphasis on bringing the healing powers of nature to people through his photography. His work is in permanent installations in many medical buildings through Connecticut and New England including UCCON Hospital with 8 floors and over 150 patient rooms, Yale New Haven Hospital Greenwich, Children’s Dental Associates, Norwich Orthopedic center and many more.