Michaela Haupt





    About Me

  • In 2004 I became a Certified Bio-Touch Practitioner. After I moved back to Germany I was certified as a Bio-Touch Instructor. I continue to work and teach Bio-Touch in Germany. I represent Bio-Touch in Germany
  • I read about Bio-Touch in the newspaper, went there for classes and got fascinated. Bio-Touch is so easy to learn and teach. It’s just touch. I liked it. In my profession as a “Heilpraktikerin” I do Bio-Touch on my patients. They love it and me too.
  • To share Bio-Touch with people around you, makes you happy and relaxed. It’s a honor and reward to know and do Bio-Touch. Since it’s easy to learn, everyone should know Bio-Touch. Get out and just touch.


  • I’m a Heilpraktikerin. One technique I offer to my patients is Bio-Touch. Bio-Touch is universal and works for a lot of problems. I also teach and represent Bio-Touch here in Germany.
  • In Germany I teach Bio-Touch and share Bio.-Touch with my patients and friends.
  • You can find Bio-Touch classes on my website or you can make appointmenrt to receive a Bio-Touch session .


Visit me at my website: Heilpraktikerin-Haupt.de

Email: info@heilpraktikerin-haupt.de