“Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June” 
Al Bernstein

Are you ready to celebrate summer? The longest day of the year is the Summer Solstice. Also known as the June Solstice, it’s the day when the earth’s tilt toward the sun is at a maximum, causing it to have the most hours of sunlight for the entire year. This occurs every June between the 20th and the 23rd, depending on our calendar and when leap year falls. This year the Summer Solstice is Sunday June 21st.

There’s so much I love about June. For instance, it’s my (and hubby’s) favorite month to take a vacation. That’s probably a holdover from when our kids were out of school for the summer, and we could all escape to new locales, free from routine responsibilities. Another reason is that it’s the month of our wedding anniversary. Over the years we’ve savored a number of romantic cruises and getaways during our special month. Well, I don’t know how romantic it’ll be, but this year we’re taking a road trip!

On June 21st, the very day of the Summer Solstice, Howard and I will be in Mancos, Colorado. Why is that significant? Because that is the tiny town, outside of Durango, where Bio-Touch was born! Ever since I started writing the Bio-Touch book four years ago, I’ve been longing to see Colorado—especially the areas Paul Bucky described to me in detail. Those areas where he lived and learned about Bio-Touch became so real to me, I wrote about them as if I’d been there. Now I must see those amazing places for myself.

I’m like a breathless schoolgirl waiting for summer vacation to begin. And although I didn’t purposely plan it this way, it’s no coincidence that I’ll be visiting the roots of Bio-Touch on the day the sun exerts its maximum power upon the earth’s northern hemisphere, striking us all head-on with its brilliant illumination.

Debra Schildhouse