I have been thinking a lot about this month’s Bio-Touch theme and workshop of Stress and Its Effects.  I have read about and heard from many allopathic and integrative practitioners that stress is the cause of 80% of all known dis-eases and chronic conditions that humanity is experiencing.  Well, wow! 

In this profound time, humanity is awakening and remembering certain truths about ourselves.  One of them is that we are not separated from each other.  In fact, many thought forms that we have held dearly for millennia are now drastically changing and dying.  Change can be a very difficult process for many people, so I can just imagine how it is greatly contributing to the collective stress of humanity.   I think that just being on this planet right now is stressful!

In the Bio-Touch Manual we read that the Stress Set addresses “the physical manifestations of emotional or mental stress and anxiety.”  So stress can create a physical response from an inner state of being, whatever that is.  As a Bio-Touch practitioner, I have experienced how stress can affect someone’s quality of health and life, and I have also experienced how Bio-Touch can greatly reduce those affects.  There are only two points in the Stress Set, and yet touching those two points is one of the most powerful and simple ways that we can help to alleviate this planetary dis-ease of stress for each other.  

Paul and I have been saying for some time that Bio-Touch is a gift for Humanity.

The more I work to share this amazing technique with others, the more I am convinced that Bio-Touch was meant to be given now, at this time, when we all need it the most.  Yes, we always address the body first because we all share in that experience and recognize each other.  But the self awareness that eventually emerges from practicing Bio-Touch is life changing, both personally and globally!