“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and undoubtedly inhabited.”
Anne Buchanan

I remember how incredibly special it felt to be pregnant with my children, trying to reconcile the awe I felt for what my body was creating, with the weird symptoms occurring on a daily basis.

The worst was the morning sickness. For the first four months while carrying my daughter, Jill, I’d wake up each day and retch. Previously comforting scents like roasted meat, perfume, and soaps now caused me to turn green. Seeing chunky red tomato sauce in a pot or on a television commercial (that’s when Prego first came out) sent me running to the nearest bathroom.

Thankfully, I didn’t experience morning sickness while pregnant with my son, David. However, I was six years older, and fatigue was more of an issue, as was inflammation in my feet, and heartburn.

Friends who were also pregnant complained to me about their bladder and bowel issues, stretch marks, tooth and gum pain, backaches, headaches, and more. Sometimes those issues were enough to turn the awesomeness into awfulness. Ugh!

It’s very important to have regular checkups with your doctor as part of your prenatal care. However, Bio-Touch can help relieve many of the discomforts associated with pregnancy. Bio-Touch is the best complementary healing technique to add to regular medical protocols. And it’s easy for everyone to learn.

That’s why the Bio-Touch organization is offering a workshop on prenatal care at the Center in Tucson on Thursday Oct. 26th from 6-8PM. Workshop attendees will learn the Bio-Touch points needed to enhance prenatal care and alleviate common issues of pregnancy.

So if you’re in the Tucson area, bring your friends and family to the Center at 5634 E. Pima St. You’ll learn how fun it is to share Bio-Touch, and how good it is to be able to help each other feel better! For more information or to learn about online classes, go to justtouch.com.