Welcome to the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics’ (IFBM) Practitioner Training.  We are happy that you are here with us today.  In order to receive 10 CE Hours, as approved by NCBTMB & California Board of Registered Nursing, you must attend the entire training and return, at the end of the training, a filled out Evaluation Form.

IFBM is a nonprofit educational foundation whose main purpose is to encourage a person’s growth in self-awareness.  This door is opened with a simple touch technique we call Bio-Touch™ (Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing™).

Bio-Touch™, “Just Touch” and the logo are trademarked and copyrighted by the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics.  You must have prior written approval from the Foundation in order to use any of these items for your business cards, flyers or other publicity.

You are encouraged to share, but requested not to reproduce for sale, any materials you receive from the Foundation, including the Manual, Video and any tapings you might produce.  In order to maintain the integrity of the Foundation, Bio-Touch™ and of others practicing this technique, your submission of this form constitutes agreement to the above request and agreement not to misrepresent what you learn today or to claim certain levels of competence without Foundation approval or certification.

By submitting this registration you give IFBM and its authorized agents permission to use any photos of you during this class in their marketing of Bio-Touch to the public.  This would include but not be limited to Facebook and JustTouch.com

For those interested, there are additional programs that lead to certification by IFBM, which authorize individuals to teach Bio-Touch.  We invite you to join us!