Debra recently wrote about the digestive process and the discomfort of acid reflux aggravated by hiatal hernia. She also invited everyone to participate in our next Bio-Touch Health Condition Workshop, where we will teach the points necessary to address these problems.

As I read her blog, I am drawn into the concept of digestion, but not the digestion of the physical body after we eat food. Rather, I am reminded that we not only digest food, we also digest concepts and ideas. So I looked up the meaning of digestion: “to assimilate mentally; obtain information, ideas or principle; to arrange methodically in the mind; to condense or summarize.”

That led to my discovery of a quote from the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in 120 AD: “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself in your way of thinking.” 

Bio-Touch is an idea whose time has come—it is a simple concept to digest.  One person touching another lightly on the skin can begin a healing process.  Simple.

Very little is needed for a happy life; very little is needed to start a healing process. As written in our manual: “With a simple intent to help one’s fellow human beings and proper instruction, assistance may be initiated by any individual.  No special talent is required to be effective. Everyone, because of their inherent love and compassion for those who are suffering, can perform these methods without limitation.”

All humans have that desire to want to help. It is inherent. We all want to get back to our birthright of being healthy, happy and loved. But alas, we have been pushed off course by circumstances and encounters with other human beings. Pain, suffering, and worries have taken their toll on our simple ways of life, leading to complications both in our internal peace and our digestive tracts. This has pushed us into seeking fulfillment and healing outside of ourselves. 

However, Bio-Touch gives us what Aurelius talked about. It is within us; it is within each of us. Please allow yourselves to feast on the concept that healing is simple and available to all. Next, chew on this concept by practicing a few simple Bio-Touch points. Then allow the concept to be digested by your whole body, mind and spirit system. All we need do is allow that process—which we were born to partake in—to come to fruition. Then we can truly reap the benefits of this digestive process. Healing will happen. It is an innate function that we all possess.

So, if you can’t join us in Tucson for the Health Condition Workshop, please join us as a member. You’ll be able to download the workbook, which will teach you the points necessary to address Acid Reflux and Hiatal Hernia.

It is just that simple. It is your right!