Well, good morning humanity. It is September 26th, 2022. And again, it’s the favorite time of our week ’cause. It’s Mondays with Bev and Paul. Hi, everybody. My name is Paul.


Good morning. This is Bev.


Hello Bev and I want to wish you and all of our friends out there who are celebrating the Jewish New Lashana tova, that means happy New Year to you.


Happy New year.


So we’re going to talk about Bio-Touch as a path with heart and we’re going to see where this goes.

It but I was inspired this morning by reading what came on my Facebook feed. It was an old quote by Carlos Castaneda.  He was quoting Don Juan and I thought, well, let’s talk about Bio-Touch as a path with heart and let me just give you a little bit of the quote.

“But your decision to keep on the path or to leave it, must be free of fear or ambition.

“Look at every path closely and deliberately.

“One makes for a joyful journey.

“As long as you follow it, you are one with it.

“The other will make you curse your life.

“One makes you strong, the other weakens you.

“A path without a heart is never enjoyable.

 PAUL”You have to work hard even to take it.

“On the other hand, a path with heart is easy.

“It does not make you work at liking it.


And how about that?

Well, right there he brings the the fact that we’re living in a universe of duality, right?

You know, should I take that path to the right or that path to the left, or should I do this or that?

Yeah, you know, this is part of the beauty of Bio-Touch, isn’t it? It really begins a process over time. We call that self-awareness. To be in that point of equilibrium, so we can.




Make a choice.

Which path? You know if you want to go down that road or path.

To be able to consciously see.

I don’t want to do that or wow, I think that might bring me joy.

I mean, how many people make decisions just knee jerk and they’re not conscious?

I have had a thought for a very long time, something about Bio Touch.

I’m just going to say it.

I do believe that Bio-Touch is here at this time to help heal the heart of this group called humanity.

That’s one of its major reasons why it came back when it did.

It is here to do that and to offer us all in that practice.

It’s a practice of being human.



I mean and we’ve always said it, you know, Bio-Touch is simple to learn and easy to practice, but the results are profound and you know that profoundness might not be the body getting better.

It’s a path with heart.

I might decide, you know, I’ve done this round.

I’ll come back a little later or I’m going to stick around and make new choices.

I think I have all these choices, but this one gives me joy and is easy, and this one is difficult.

And we see that all the time with people who’ve been getting Bio-Touch for a while.

They start seeing choices come up.

How many times did people said to us, should I stay in my relationship?

Should I stay in my job?


Yeah, that’s what I mean.

Down to the basics, should I have another Bio-Touch session?

What do we say?

“I don’t know. Should you?”

Do you know how many souls in this group called Humanity are not even aware that they have choices?




And this is one of the big things that Bio-Touch can bring to all of us, the awareness that, Oh my gosh, I don’t have to be a victim.

I am. I’m empowered here to make those choices that can set me on a different way of living, of being.

That’s profound.

There’s nothing more basic than that in our humanity.

You know, we’re not here to be victims.

We are here to be heart.

And enter into a relationship.

That’s what a relationship is and what does Bio-Touch do?

 It equalizes that whole thought form that we call having a relationship with somebody?

People ask, oh, can I do this on myself?

And you know what I always say, oh, here’s the good news.

No, not to be totally effective.

No, you have to enter into a relationship face to face with another human being, I’m sorry, in order to for that to really be practiced, because there’s nothing else but a relationship going on down here.


Yeah, and that’s how simple. That’s why. What’s it been 35 years almost. I’ve been doing this because every time it’s just joyous to me.

And like I’ve always thought, you know, if I just get wrapped up in the administrative work of this, I’ve lost the path ’cause, you know, you got to get out there and touch one another.

You have got to show people just with a simple little touch how an expression of love, an expression of the heart, can be transferred, can be shared with one another.

 The interesting thing is as we share is we receive it.


Yeah, that’s what a relationship is, right?


And the goal of sharing this path with heart is there’s no desire for a result.

It’s the act of kindness.

It’s the act of sharing the touch we’re using.

 Touch is just another example.

I mean, you could have 20 million examples of how you’re doing it, but we’re talking about Bio-Touch and we’ve seen that it works as a path with heart.

Because there’s one thing that’s common between all of us and that’s this body. That’s what we stick with in our presentation.

We stick with the body.

We don’t get into a philosophical, esoteric, metaphysical ideology.

It’s just taking two fingers and touching another human being in the most powerful place of the body, that solar plexus.


Right, that’s why we say wow!


You know and it cracks it open, right?


Yeah, yeah.


Boom in the heart.

I mean, how many times have we shown pictures with the beings from all kinds of philosophies and they always have the two fingers with sparks flying out.

And even in that heart space there’s this light coming out. I mean, there’s all kinds of symbolism about the heart.


I know.

It’s so amazing, isn’t it?

Yeah, well, you know, we haven’t said this in a long time, one of our basic things is about Bio-Touch is putting love into action into action when you practice it.

It’s heart to heart.

That’s what it is, and that’s why when you practice it, you realize there is no requirement or need to guarantee anything, diagnose anything or give your opinion on anything.

Once you start doing all of those things you’ve really kind of interrupted that flow of heart.

So we are saying be present, be quiet, and just be.


So I’m all I also reminded of that one neuro scientist who used to talk about the body, mind and soul spirit thing.

And he said he couldn’t really just get into the philosophy of it, so he was always researching it on a neurological level you have a change that happens in the deepest seat of consciousness.

And he said, so go out there and have those people do that touch healing that they’re doing out there and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I thought it’s interesting I was in that room when he said that.

The first time people have ever met us at when we’re at a mall, we’re at a shopping center, we’re on the street doing bio touch people sit down and within those 3 to 5 minutes of just doing the greeting neck and head work they always come out of it and go “wow.”


Yeah, it’s like so amazing.


That’s a path with heart.


It’s always innate. They closed their eyes.

Like they are withdrawing into that deepest part of themselves

Bio-Touch is not just about bringing us into relationship with each other, it’s about within our own selves, bringing us into a relationship and an acknowledgement and a consciousness of our own hearts.

You know, being a heart at rest, a heart at peace.

And I think that, wow, it’s not just because we’ve done the headset right, it’s because this bio touch has just stimulated this amazing body.

And the reaction is instant, you know, it’s all through the body.

It’s really quite amazing.


It Reverberates in every cell and what we’ve had in the past couple months, even two or three people recently have said, you know, I’ve never felt that much love.


Yeah, right.


More people over the years have said Bio-Touch is the one technique I’ve done that brings me hope.

Hope and love those are heart space.

Expressions of the heart.

And that’s what Don Juan was saying.

Choose that path that brings you home.

The problem is we tend to want to fall back into our unconscious victimhood.


Path of least resistance.

It’s called a habit of misery.


And you know what? We’re saying if that’s your path with heart, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, but what happens in bio touches we finally get a chance to see “Oh, I’m miserable.”

We wake up to that I’m miserable.

I’m not happy here.


And that’s great.


Know people would come in and they go, Oh my God, my back’s killing me and I go “Oh that is great”.

It brings up these little dark corners.

We talked about that before and it really helps you wake up that.

You have a choice from one moment to the next to choose happiness, to choose your heart path, right?




And Bio-Touch gives us the strength to know the difference.

And the strength to act on it, we talked about that earlier.

A strength to act on what I know is a path with heart.

And then you know something the hell with what the rest of the world thinks.


Oh, absolutely right, because as Carlos says that path is for you.

To make a decision about it has nothing to do with anybody.

You know whether it’s, somebody thinks it’s the wrong path for you or the right path for you.

What does that have to do with anything?

This is about coming into your own consciousness, your own self-awareness, to even wake up to the fact that you are capable of making a choice.

You know, so much of humanity doesn’t even remember that they are capable and have already empowered to make a choice for a different experience if that is what they want.


And then you realize when you choose your path with heart.

Every one of those people in your relationship, that’s actually just what they needed too.

You know they needed to be in a relationship with you, and you’ll start finding you’ll attract new people, you’ll attract a new Doctor, you’ll attract a naturopath or a chiropractor.

You’ll attract into your life those things that will help you heal, both in your body, mind and soul.

And then those who can’t handle it, they sort of drop away.

It’s really interesting to watch it over the years with people.


I know.


So we’re talking about healing on a deep level folks and then the body just follows, you know it just

All of a sudden doesn’t matter for those who need to get an operation or take the vaccine or don’t take the vaccine.

It doesn’t matter.

Choose with a path with heart, not fear, but your path with heart is it bringing you joy?

You know, when I got the vaccine, it was a path with heart.

I had a dream that I had to do it.

It was a path with heart, the conflict was not doing it, you know, and so those are the kinds of things that we are talking about.


And you followed your heart.


Yeah, and you know, now I got some antibodies two years later that are still like off the charts, and the medical system can’t figure out what the hell is going on.

Most people lose their antibodies after a week or two or a month, you know.

So I don’t know, maybe Bio-Touch is helping create a stronger immune system.

Just do the Head Set.

Very simple, and you’ve triggered something in that brain that I don’t understand that works with your ability to start making choices for a path with heart.

We know that to be true.

It’s no longer a theory for us.

I mean, I’ve done this enough times on thousands of people and seeing the same thing, so and it’s very easy.

You can do it right at home.

Find out what happens.

Don’t believe us.

Never believe a guy with a beard.

I mean, that’s the worst thing in the world so.

You want to have a conspiracy?

Oh my God.

He’s got a beard.

Can’t believe him.

He must be lying to us.

Yeah, maybe I am.


He’s fighting stuff very dividing.


That’s right.

I’ve got, you know, tricks under my sleeve.

But find out for yourself.

We know one thing.

It cannot hurt you.


Absolutely not.