I read this quote by the Dalai Lama.

He says “Our essential nature is to be compassionate, that that’s very good, essential nature.

From the moment we’re born, our mother takes care of us. Without this care, we would not survive.

This experience is our first opportunity to learn that compassion is the root of all happiness.

However, this natural, natural appreciation of compassion seems to fade once we go to school.


Isn’t that interesting?


Yeah, we need to be reminded that good health and a peaceful state of mind are founded on love and compassion.


Did you write to him?


Oh yeah, he must have read our manual.


Sent him a manual.


You know, I mean, it was in our manual. What’s it been 34 years ago? We put it in there.


30, yeah.


And so we just want to share with you what it says in our manual and talk about Bio-Touch being an act of compassion ’cause in our manual at the preface, there’s a little section.

“Everyone, because of their inherent love and compassion for those who are suffering, can perform these methods without limitation.”


And you have spoken.


Inherent. It’s not something you gotta go get, you know?


We see that all the time.

It’s already in US.


And so this idea of having to get it or do these gyrations and, you know, meditate 10 hours a day or sit with your legs in this direction in order to be loving and compassionate.

All we have to do is let ourselves be loved.

It’s who we were when we were born.


Yes, yes, absolutely.


And, it got taken away from us the minute we started going to school.

And then we started, what’s the word?

We started judging ourselves.

We started not trust and started judging everyone else too.

And we get a chance to really see that in this day and age.

You know, that which we judge in others is ’cause.

We’re judging ourselves all the time.


Right now.


It’s, it’s, it’s so really sad, you know?


Yeah, I know.

And it was interesting to.

Me when he said that, when we.

Start to school.

And I have read many times that that first six to seven years of our lives are really the innate part of ourselves rule.

You know, even if even during those terrible twos.

But once we begin to.

Go to public schools or to get.

Schooling of any kind.

It programs us in a whole another way.

We are now at the mercy of society with these long held perceptions of who we are, who are not, who were supposed to be on and on and who that guy is and who the and the separateness begins.

And we were talking.

About the trust issue, first of all, what is trust?

I’m not quite, you know, that’s something you can’t tangibly.

You know, get with your senses.

It’s a sense about a beingness, right?

And that’s what children exhibit.

They trust that they’re going to be loved, that they’re going to be taken care of by their mom, as he pointed out, and it’s only after we get all that other programming.

That we say, Oh well, maybe not.

So here we are talking about Bio-Touch in relationship to all of this.

And we have said this many times Bio-Touch has the power to bring all of us into a safe place where we can trust, we can feel cared for.


Right. And we have the research to show that one. Here’s the chart of that one about “feeling cared for”.  Here we had four different places, a drug rehab community which had the least amount of feeling cared for. And we had a California facility, Hawaii facility, Arizona. Everybody was between the 5.5 to 6 feeling cared for pre bio touch session.

Afterward a session everybody was up around 8.

A feeling cared for just with that simple little touch.

And that’s the key.

And you had a woman that you worked with.


I had finished a session with her.

And you know, we had not known each other that long, which is going to be our point here.

But she turned to me and said, “Bev, I have never felt so loved in my life as I did in this session.”

And I thought to myself, well, isn’t that interesting because she has just experienced that in that short of a time.

It is a sense in ourselves that compassion and love is what we all are born with.

And it was shared between the two of us, without any words, without any, you know, words that I care about you. It was just by that loving touch.

That was so profound for me.

It was beautiful.


And that’s the key. Let’s build on that with Gary Schwartz’s quote in our book Bio-Touch: Healing with The Power in Our Fingertips.  He says: “You know the second lesson is somewhat deeper and frankly more inspiring to me and maybe to you as well. The lesson relates to a theme expressed through Deborah’s book, the importance of love and the process of receiving and giving nonsexual, loving touch. The kind of love that Bio-Touch fosters is a high level of love, including empathy, compassion, caring, kindness, gentleness, protection, safety, warmth, gratitude, appreciation, and respect.”


A high level!


Yeah, which is a love that can’t really be put into words.

It’s sort of a word we use for something that the Dalai Lama is talking about.

It’s innate.  It is right in us all the time.


That light touch is a language of love on its own and this is where, you know, we always have to put Doctor Bruce Lipton and his research in there.

Because, you know, I’m always reminded and I swear somebody told him about bio touch, too.

He said about his research that we can change the story of at the cellular level in our bodies.

But the only way is you’ve got to retell the story with love.

And the moment I read that. I thought that is what Bio-Touch can do. It can retell that story, that self-awareness.

And that’s why it’s physical.  That’s why it is applied to our physical body ’cause it has a communication to the cellular level, and it can help change the story.


And that’s interesting one.

When you just brought that up I’ve I realized, it’s not about this concept of trying to love ourselves.

People ask us all the time, can you work on yourself?

Well, you know, that’s a common question because we’ve become so separate from our fellow human beings, from humanity.

And so we want whatever we can do to keep that bubble, because that’s where we feel secure is on our own little bubble.

Yeah, maybe it’s effective and loving yourself, you know, creating a dialogue of compassion for yourself, allowing yourself to be.

But boy, the power when you let somebody else into that bubble.

When you let them, pierce your veil of protection with those two fingers in the most powerful point of your body, that solar plexus, right below the breastbone.

There’s really no greater love.


Well there’s the trust isn’t it? There’s the trust. And feeling safe and feeling cared for.

And the language is beginning to be changed and it’s right there in our vision statement.

We are connected, like it or not.

We are a group.

We didn’t come into this world alone.

We may have come in individually. But we came into a family. Our whole innate beingness is a group.

It’s called humanity.

We are not separated from each other.

We need each other.

We need to touch and to hold and to, you know, just and be together.

Part of the reprogramming in school is that we are separate individuals.

As the Dali Lama was talking about.


And so Bio Touch is a reprogramming, which is why we continue after all these years and we’ve been challenged with it.

We know that that’s an expression of love and compassion, and so healing happens, just like the Dalai Lama said.

We need to be reminded that good health and a peaceful state of mind are founded on love and compassion.


Health and happiness, that’s part of what we know Bio-Touch can offer.

And we know a state of happiness is boy, one day you’re there and one day you’re down in the dumps.

It’s not a consistent experience for any of us in humanity, there’s this habit of misery.

A habit of misery is what we have really linked into.

That’s our path of least resistance, and now it’s time to love each other.


And so that’s why it’s important that we all learn this very simple technique.

Dr Stevenson, doctor Kenneth Stevenson in her research she related bio touch to that Kangaroo touch, that touch of a loving mother and she showed there’s no levels, you know there’s no having to center yourself.

There’s touching on the skin, all these things that are natural to us as mothers.

And natural to all of us as human beings and Bio-Touch allows us to live naturally.

There’s a good one.

It allows us to “live naturally.”


Yeah, I like that.

That’s really good.


So please, we’re asking you to learn about Bio-Touch.

Just do it on one another, reach over and touch a loved.

You’ve started a healing process?


You’ve begun a loving for that body.


Right, that’s right.

And you get to participate in their healing.

And you’re not helpless or hopeless.

You know, you get to chain that will go on indefinitely.




And boy, do we need it more than ever right now, you know?


And I I’ve often thought, oh, it’s so interesting how this amazing modality when it came back through Norman in the 70s.

Anybody who’s done any, you know, studying of social history knows that that was an opportune time

And here’s Bio-Touch now, when we are going through this very challenging time.


Yes, and it’s interesting that in that little town of Mancos, Colorado where people for generations. almost hated each other.

You had people coming from all over the four corners area.

You had Indians from the reservation, you had migrant farmworkers, you had Cowboys, you had ranchers, you had women, you had men, you had gay people, you had all kinds of folks with different religious beliefs.

They were all there for the same reason.

They were all suffering.

They all wanted a little bit of relief, a little bit of healing.

They wanted a little bit of love and compassion. And one of those old timers turned to me and said, you know, Norman Carroll brought love to the Mancos Valley.

Wow, all through a little touch.

And in that touch, people, forget to walk out with their oxygen tanks.


Oh my, wheelchairs, back at the house.



You know, things that you would think are miracles.  Well miracles are everyday folks and Bio-Touch gives us an opportunity to experience miracles as an act of love and compassion with our fellow human beings.

What I you know what I I’m being reminded of lately?


I yes, I am reminded that our bodies are miracles.

Because when I work with Bio-Touch with another person and I see the these results I have to remember my gosh that body is fully capable of bringing itself back into this loving state of beingness.

That’s the innate sense of the body anyway, right?

Whole and healthy and happy. Bio-Touch gives me the opportunity to just use those few sets of points, whatever it’s going to take, and then you see this miracle happen.

It’s the body itself.


So we’re asking you to participate in the miracle of life and healing with us, learn Bio-Touch.


We also have one other sharing of this with Horace’s song, which we play at the end here.

He wrote this song and I just wanted to go over and make sure you got the refrain that he has. It goes.

“Choose love while you still can.

“Don’t even try to understand

“The healing grace in your own hands
“Put love into action.


The healing grace in our hands.

All of us have healing grace in our hands.


That’s right, that’s right. So please join us. Go to just touch com. Send us an e-mail if you have questions office at

Whatever it takes. We are here.