Yes, siree, good morning everybody. It’s October 10th, 2022 and It is the favorite time of our week because it’s Mondays with Bev and Paul.

So it was brought to us what do we mean by Bio-Touch being the cutting edge.

So we took all kinds of notes, but we’re like, oh, where do we start?


OK, so let’s see what what’s a cutting edge?

It seriously cuts through the accepted paradigm or a thought or an idea or a way of working, a way of being in a pattern that has now become accepted and below the threshold, it’s like a knee jerk.

The mass consciousness of humanity has bought into certain ideas that in this time, and we were saying there’s so many people all over that may not know what’s going on, but they know something changing, something shifting, there’s something coming, you know, I hear that.

Things aren’t the same as they used to be.

Well, we’ve talked about this before.

Change is the only constant there is.

So unless something changes, we don’t grow, we don’t expand.

OK, so for me, when I think about all of the things, all the political, religious, health ideas and concepts that we’ve all agreed to that are now changing.

Then here’s Bio-Touch.

That is so against the grain.

The Girls in the class were saying why isn’t Bio-Touch being used in every household on this planet?


Yeah, especially after 35 years, right?


Yeah, why is that?

And that’s when we thought because the concept of Bio-Touch is a divine idea whose time has come.

And it is cutting edge.

And every time a new thought form has come in for humanity, or in our history, it’s always been cutting edge because it goes against the grain of what we’ve all accepted.

So let’s just talk about Bio-Touch and connection with healing that it brings. It is cutting edge.


It reminds me of that guy who knocked over all the money changers, business men in that mall.


Yeah, yeah, exactly. That was cutting edge.


Folks might say, you guys are a really weird.


2100 years later now we are still following him and not even know why, but he was cutting edge.

So what you’re saying is Bio-Touch is really sharp too.

Yeah, it really cuts through a lot of our old paradigms about health care and .


You know, I think what Bio-Touch it holds everything.

I’ll just do it because we have said over and over that Bio-Touch is a light touch skin to skin that addresses the body.

It dresses the body 1st and why that’s so important is because every single thing that is held within each of us is held in that body.

So what happens?

It’s not just about touch makes bodies better because we know that’s going to happen and it addresses stress and it has the power to go right to the bone and all those other little things.

And all those other little ideas and concepts and ways of being are also addressed overtime.

So this is not just about our bodies getting better with Bio-Touch.

It goes deeper, it starts to unravel.

It cleans things that are so deeply held within us that you know when that undoing begins, that process of change begins, it allows us to become self-aware.

In this life, I’ve given away everything to other people that claim to be the healer of my life.

I can now take responsibility for my healing in my health and make changes that are appropriate to doing that.

That is holistic and that’s what Bio-Touches offers us.


You know, I’m reminded of the fellow who took our certification class.

And at the end of it, the only thing he could say is, so you mean to tell me that I could take this just touch philosophy and all these things you just taught us and make it part of my life?

That my life could just be just touch.


And what did you say?

Yes, please!


Yes, touch the world lightly.

You know our imprint and we’re learning all this.

I mean, it doesn’t matter if it’s a climate change or like plastics or we’re talking a lot about leaving an imprint on the planet and the idea that we need to leave less and less of an imprint and being part of the planet, being part of humanity, no longer this separation idea.

No longer this me and you the healer. Let’s talk about that and what’s cutting edge in Bio-Touch. Just the term even that we use for the so-called practitioner.

We call them an associate .

And in our manual we define it this way.

It says “one often in company with another implying intimacy or equality”, and two, “one having an interest in common with another.”

That’s a cutting edge idea.


That IS cutting edge.

And you know, we also talk about the other term that we use in that relationship.

Called the recipient.

But think about this and you know in the medical field that you are a patient in a lot of the healing modalities you are a client.

You know in Bio-Touch the one on the other side of that in relationship with the associate is called the recipient.

I mean everything about Bio-Touch, the fact that it’s simple to learn, it’s easy to use that word,

It’s easy on the body, it’s easy on the heart.

It is not invasive.

This is the way to heal, OK?

It was really funny because those three girls in class became very aware of Oh my gosh, OK, so we all use that word energy.

Let’s just use that.

For example, we all use that word energy.

And you know, everything’s energy. Well, it’s not that we disagree with that, but what we are here to do and that’s what a cutting edge does.

It holds all of the potential and the possibility for every single one of us to come into that world of Bio-Touch.

So if we were just speaking to a few people who used the word energy, what would be the point?

It would only be for the few.  So what we do is we honor everything and say well we choose for everyone’s sake.

This is not just that you and you and you get to have Bio-Touch.

No we constantly say this came back for every single one of us.

Yes, we’re all equal.

We all deserve to have it.


And that is another cutting edge stance, why we really don’t have a charge for Bio-Touch.

You know, Deborah interviewed me and asked me, well, why don’t you charge, what’s this concept of this?

Because what’s the standard thought process?

If it doesn’t have a price it must not be worth very much.


Not worth a hoot, yeah.


So we are cutting that thought system and we’re saying, look, Bio-Touch really is an expression of love, of truth.

Why is that true?

Because it’s available to everyone.

Everyone can do it.

So how can you charge people for something they already possess?

 Otherwise that, to me, is just a salesman gimmick.


Yeah, like who in the heck are we to even do that.

It’s funny too, and this is a case in point.

Oh my gosh, people, you know, the pharmaceuticals, the drugs everyone takes, doctors care, even going to some alternative or complementary techniques costs a lot.

And people are used to that.

They’ve been told that in order to get better, you’re going to have to pay somebody.

And then here comes Bio-Touch.

Ah, no Bio-Touch in all that love and that association and that relationship money has nothing to do with anything.

Money does not heal and so even when we say to somebody, well, we just accept a donation, what do they say?

Well, what do you suggest I leave?

This just tells me how much we’ve given up, we can’t even come up with our own suggestion of a donation.



Well, and that’s what happens.

A lot of these things you go to, it says suggested donation.




Yeah, well that’s not a donation.

A donation is whatever your heart wants to give. And you know something, there is another cutting edge ideology.

Just the fact that you showed up is an exchange. Usually people say, oh, there has to be an exchange and they base that exchange on payment of dollars.

We believe that the exchange you’ve trusted that you’re loved and allowed me to love you.

And in that where we trust that we’re love and we love another human being, just with that simple touch, what could be more of an exchange on this Earth plane.


People out there are going, like “what”?

That’s why we’re saying it’s cutting edge because of this language of love that is bio-touch and oh by the way, I feel better.

I have less stress.

The symptoms of this disease are starting to abate and things are changing.

This is powerful medicine.

OK, that’s the power of true medicine and the journey of bringing our bodies in all that it is and all that it isn’t. It is an intelligent that can bring it back into a state of balance.

That’s when love happens, because that healing point, that is equilibrium.

You know, so everything we say, every word that we use is geared to change the last 2100 years.

And especially in healing.



And I liked how you came up, you know a lot about the different ages, the age of Aquarius. You said that we are in the age now.  The age of hands.


This is the medium of healing.

Like we’re told that in the Piscean age, OK, it was the feet.

Well, what does that mean?

Healing with the feet?

What happened with that great teacher?

He walked everywhere, bringing a message of love.

OK, talk about cutting edge.

OK, because he did healing.

Just being in his presence was healing we are told, through the words he spoke.

So for that age it was The Walking and bringing the message.

But in the Aquarian age, by the way the age of love we’ve coming out of an age of separateness and fear.

And so now, we’re told that the medium of healing in the new age is with the hands.


And so that’s all it takes is those two fingers to lightly touch another human being. Let’s use this medium and we seewhat you’re talking about as we change from one period of time on the planet to another.

And we’re in that moment of great fear because there’s great transformation.

I was just talking with Jenny this.

There is just a lot of fear.

People are taking sides because we’re in fear.

You want a cutting edge, you want something to slice through all the distinctions and differences.

Bio-Touch can do it because there’s no words needed.

There’s no philosophy needed.

There’s no belief needed, you know there’s no money needed.

There’s nothing that’s needed except another human being.

That’s the healing part of this reaching out and touching another human being.

It is time to resurrect the reputation of touch.


Right, that sounds like a book.


So our goal, I mean, we just come here every Monday to talk about this.

We have a hell of a good time we talk about it for 1/2 hour before the show.

Then we get on the show and go, what the hell we gonna say now?

But we hope.

We encourage you.

We ask you.


Because we implore you. Really.


Yes, we just want you to take these two fingers.

And learn how to do Bio-Touch.

Go to

It’s easy to learn from the site.

Send us an e-mail if you have personal issues you’re working with.

We have a health condition workshop every month with a specific condition.

You don’t have to learn all the sets of points.


And when you learn this technique it can literally begin to change your life.


It is easy to learn, simple to use.

With profound results.

We are going to end our little dialogue here with another wonderful song from Horace Barnes.

We are so grateful to him.

He’s given us a few songs that we use.

They really express, in a good country, western tempo everything we were just talking about.


They do.

They’re catchy, but listen to the words.


Yes, they are profound.


They are cutting edge.


Thank you everyone.


And thank you to letting us in your home.


I can feel the pain.

Sunshine or rain

So it’s not caused by the weather.

But it doesn’t hurt that much.

After I feel your loving touch.

We spent some time.

You take my pain away,

Each and every day.

You’re an Angel from heaven.

And helps me heal so much.

And I get better

As time goes by.

You take my pain away.