Now, how can that be?  How can one “practice” Bio-Touch if we are told  to “do nothing”?  Bev & Paul talk about that conundrum in this  segment of their Monday show.  It really is quite profound as we  practice the ART of Bio-Touch Healing


Well, good morning, humanity.


So this is going to be our topic today.

“Do nothing.”

What kind of a concept is that?

So let’s talk about do nothing.

What could that possibly mean when you’re practicing something?

How can you practice something and do nothing at the same time so well?


You know, we say it all the time.

It’s the other half of that.

It is the concept of just being present, just being?

OK, it’s amazing because here’s this, do nothing and yet just being in that present moment really.

When you’re working with another person and doing Bio-Touch, this is what is offered.

When we say do nothing, that little mind, that little ego is not going full speed ahead, right.

It’s allowed to be quiet and to experience in that moment.


Right, it just sort of jiggles the brain.

But you know something?

It’s been in our manual for over 30 years and.


I know.


We’re going to read that here.

There in the following pages to explain why these procedures work, the goal is only to teach an individual how to touch certain points which will help to facilitate the healing process, rather than to do something. With a simple intent to help one’s fellow human beings and proper instruction assistance may be initiated by any individual no special talent is required to be effective.


There you go!


I remember in the beginning when we first put that manual together, you know, it’s sort of like we’ve been so conditioned that we have to “do” something to change.

I mean, we have to do our meditation, we have to do our yoga.

We have to eat right.  We have to sleep on a certain side.

There’s so many formulas, it would give one a headache to do them all in a particular day.


And you know what’s interesting?

What’s behind all of that is a yearning.

To come into who we truly are right now. Here’s the challenge I’ve always known about Bio-Touch.  It cuts through all of that stuff and says just be. Just come into a healing relationship with another human being, that connectivity that we have forgotten.

We have forgotten what this body that everyone has holds.

This is the primary challenge.

When we say do nothing, all of that scurrying around and searching outside of it, that’s what happens.

And all the stuff that you just mentioned is the purpose behind that brings us into what we’re really looking for, have always really wanted.

It’s what Bio-Touch offers. That self-awareness to be.

Just to be.


Yes, and that’s interesting ’cause the next sentence where it says,

“Everyone, because of their inherent love and compassion for those who are suffering, can perform these methods without limitation.”

That’s a powerful statement.


That’s right, without limitation.


That’s right and that inherent love and compassion that you already have, that it’s not something to go get.


And that’s what we’ve been looking for though, however.


Right, right.

And we think if we do all do this and do that everything will change.  I always remember reading this great philosopher who said, “There is absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing you can do to improve, transform or better yourself.”




How can you improve something that’s already perfect?


I listened to somebody speak years ago and something kind of clicked in me about that.

It’s like what we think is that we are seekers.

To seek something implies that you’re looking for it on the outside of yourself.

You must become a discoverer.

Discover what is already there, right? That’s what Bio-Touch’s self-awareness we always talk about. That’s the journey of self-awareness to discover what you’ve been looking for.

And it’s already there.


And so with Bio-Touch we’re just teaching a few sets of points.

What’s amazing about it is that’s just the way to kick start the healing.  If you stop trying to “do” something an idea of where to touch next comes to you. Then we wonder can I doo this or can I add that?

And we say over and over, if you think it, do it.


They say yes.


Just say yes. If it came to you while you’re just trying to do nothing, I mean, that’s the key.




Do nothing and let the story unfold.

Just let it come to you, those points will come to you and you can’t hurt anybody.


You know, it is this lack of trusting ourselves that we already have it.

This thought that maybe I might want to touch here, should I do it?

This is all again coming into that self-awareness.

Trusting ourselves that we have what it takes to say yes to that.


And that’s a difficult.


It’s different.

So what is the paradigm to break?

You know that there’s experts.

We have to go to the experts.

We have to get approval.

We don’t trust that we’re loved.

We have to keep seeking it and seeking it and putting people into boxes so that they’ll believe what we believe and only find that group of people that believe what we believe.


Find your tribe.

But there’s one tribe.


I just got an e-mail today.


A woman who thought, you know, we were hiding something, we’re hiding some price.

That we’re being secretive

And I thought, you know something?

That’s an interesting perception she has.

And I thanked her for that.

And I’m like, you know, the paradigm out there is, oh, nothing is for free.




That idea that you can’t heal yourself. You can’t heal unless you buy our $100 program and then get on a monthly membership list.

You know everything out there has a hidden cost, and so of course we’re being perceived that there must be a hidden cost?

How can you freely give something to humanity?


Because we can.


Because we can and that is our mandate for over 30 years. To give this away, to allow people to just sit with their ability to help another human being because it’s inherent in you.

You can’t get rid of it.

Your desire to help someone who is suffering.

So the art form of Bio-Touch, you know, Bio-Touches and.

There’s this symbiotic relationship that goes on and points will come to you.


Just trust doing it, and that’s real.

You know, letting it come from within you.

And that is why Bio-Touch is really an art form.


Yeah, now it’s called creativity.

In that expression of that art form, as you just said. Even Norman said, Oh well, there’s 17 sets of points, but my goodness, there could be unlimited possibilities that you can do.

It takes a little bit of courage to freely create.

And love yourself enough to let that unfold.

And what happens is the other part of that relationship is that the recipient is benefited.

I’m just sitting here thinking about something.

Why would we all, if we stripped away all of that old thinking about everything has a price on it in order to be worthwhile.

I’ll tell you what’s worthwhile is wanting to get this out into the world because every time one of my Group members, my tribe members, called another human being, rises and receives and gives in love I benefit.

It has nothing to do with money, right?

This is why I want another human being to find Bio-Touch and be able to help somebody in their life.  It’s that rippling connected community that we talk about in our vision statement. This goes way beyond our purpose here, goes way beyond a hidden cost or $5 a month, whatever.

It’s for me and for you.

I know it and everybody else that’s involved with this foundation, we all agree this is an important, worthwhile thing for people everywhere to start to change the lives of all of us, one person at a time.

Why wouldn’t we all want that?


Well, you know, we have bills to pay.

And like we’ve said before, you know, that’s fine.

We’re not saying don’t charge.

Put your charge on it.

Learn Bio-Touch, put a charge on it.

But as a Foundation, none of us getting paid for doing this, that is the experiment of the Foundation.


That’s what I’m talking about.


Freely sharing this and like you just told your dear friend.


Our goal is to get this into every family on the planet and then we can go out of business.

We’re not identified with having to hold ourselves up as the experts in this.

So our goal is to empower all of you out there to have this technique not depend on us.

You don’t need Bev.

You don’t need Paul.

You don’t need any of these certified practitioners.

Our goal is to empower you to use it with your family and friends and then pass it on.

As we say it in our mission vision: A chain that shall go on indefinitely.


That’s right.


And that’s a long vision.


Well you gotta hold something higher in front of us, you know.


You know, someday they’ll look at us a billion years from now.

And go oh.

Look at that.

There’s Paul and Bev out there.

Trying to teach Bio-Touch.

To give it freely.


Bless their hearts.

And so please, folks, we really, truly are just trying to get this to you.

And you can see we have fun doing it too.

To do nothing is a practice. I had a friend take the class once, sat in through the whole certification class and at the end said: “So this Just Touch philosophy could actually be practiced in daily life!”

Yeah, that’s the goal that happens.


That’s what we’re saying.


Yes, that is the “do nothing.”

That just touch philosophy is really something if we apply it not just to this body, but to our whole life and our relationship with one another.

All that can come out of that is this thing we call Love, that’s it.


That’s perfect.


And it’s funny, because if you read that first line of the Bible, what did it say?

In the beginning the Earth was without form and void.




Oh, sounds like nothing to me.


Hey, I see what’s going on here.