Bio-Touch Healing is the light with Bev & Paul

Transcipt – Bio-Touch Is The Light. 
Mondays with Bev & Paul: August 15, 2022

“The illumination from an oil lamp lights a room instantly even if it has been dark for eons.” Bev & Paul show how research shows that Bio-Touch can bring much light to our stressful, fearful life regardless of your belief system.


Bio-Touch helps us trust what we know to be right for ourselves.



So we’re going to talk about Bio-Touch is the light.


Ooh, how dare we say that?


It got inspired by a quote I read and I’ll read it here.


“The illumination from an oil lamp lights a room instantly. Even if it has been in the dark for eons.”


I love it.


Yeah, I know.

I mean, when you think about it, yeah, indeed.


And I just feel like that touch of bio-touch brings the light to our dark room.

And so let’s talk about how can that be. What do we mean when we say what is it to bring the light Into the darkness.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


So light, you know, is a word that we all can understand.

It’s the other half of the polarity darkness.


You need both of them on this level of experience anyway. But when we talk about light in conjunction with a Bio-Touch, we’re talking about that consciousness of that self-awareness that happens.

Well, how many years have we all been in ignorance and in darkness about our bodies?

I just was having a conversation with someone the other day and I said to them, we have forgotten in that darkness.

And without the light, that self-awareness, we have forgotten how incredibly powerful our bodies are. It’s been hidden right below the surface. When you start practicing Bio-Touch that light begins to shine into that dark room.

What happens?

Oh, as we say, we start to see these things.

Things start scurrying out of the corners, right?


And it’s funny because you even just had the experience.

You worked with someone and they called you up.

And go Oh my God I feel terrible.

Did you do to me?


And I said YAH!

She goes, huh?

No. Remember, Bio-Touch begins with an undoing process, we say it right there in our orientation.

But guess what? She feels better today.


I think the thing that was really cool, she said, “What do you think? What should I do next? Should I have more Bio-Touch? When should I do it?”

And I said. “I don’t know.”

That’s our favorite thing to say, right?

I don’t know. This is about that little bit of light which has shone into that room for her.

She gets to see into that room what is going on and make her own decisions.

Take responsibility.

That’s the other thing, you and I were talking about what happens in the light.


And I think in that responsibility comes.

What I see happens with Bio-Touches it brings us, we’ve talked about it often, to hope.

And when you have hope, you can take responsibility because you trust.

Bio-Touch helps us trust what we know to be right for ourselves.


And I think this is why Bio-Touch is really is so incredibly important.

Uh, especially now with everything cracking open, as we said last week, everything is cracking open and because it’s a time now for us to snap out of our old patterns.

We are like automans. This guy says you should do this for your body and you say OK.

We haven’t let ourselves have the privilege of taking responsibility for our lives, for our health, for what we think, what we do.

It’s time now.

And for me, that light of Bio-Touch that brings, that self-awareness, the sense that I can take responsibility.

I am I.

 I am important here, I am safe and I trust myself.

And as you were saying, there is hope in.

All of that.

I can make a difference in my own life.

I don’t have to scurry here and there. I can be present and that’s the other thing that we talk about. In the light you get to be present.

So what is self-awareness?

Yeah, self.

It always reminds me of that head of the trucker company that he was President of the Teamster union and he was teaching the Bio-Touch training.

At the point where he’s got to talk about self-awareness he shares that his self-awareness was “I have absolutely no idea what the hell they’re talking about.”


Self-awareness that we’re talking about is just seeing ourselves in relationship to our body and our surroundings, to other people. You know, you just wake up to it. You don’t have to change anything.


Right, right.


You just wake up to what you are.

Wake up to the interactions that are happening.

How am I feeling in this situation?


Oh man and I you know. I’ve talked to too many Bio-Touch practitioners. We have all come to that self-awareness within ourselves in just practicing Bio-Touch. It’s not just the recipient who gets the self-awareness, we get to wake up as Practitioners too.

It gives you this whole other realm of wow I’m not here alone.

I’ve always been connected.

We talk about that as well.

Bio-Touch is here to really help us formulate that community.


And so, you know, another way to look at this is we do have our research and we wanted to remind us again.

We have our stress chart, created by Doctor Kenna Stephenson after doing some really intensive clinical research.

There’s this chart that shows all the stressors in our life and we can call that the darkness, right.

You know, some of those things we can do something about, some of them we can not.  They are inherent.

We carry some stressors in the darkness of generations past, you know, psychological stress, emotions, lifestyle, childhood trauma.

A lot of those things when we were children, we didn’t have any choice over, you know?


Yeah, that’s true.


And they get pushed down into the darkness, don’t they?


Yes, yes.

Ends in the darkness, yes.

All those create what Dr Stephenson called activation of accelerated aging pathways which creates chronic stress, that darkness, the chronic stress which if you keep on that road turns into immune dysregulation, cortisol dysregulation, and then the diseases we get dementia, cardiovascular disease, infections, tumors, mood disorders, obesity.  And all of these Doctor Stephenson is finding are on an uptick ever since the pandemic and the stressors and the darkness of those times.


Yes, yes.


So what she shows here if you put Bio-Touch into that Chronic stress cycle you bring the light Into the darkness.




You improve circadian patterns of cortisol release, which improves the quality of your life, and you increase Interleukin 12, which improves your immune system response and increases activity of genes that fight infection and cancer and promote healthy aging well.


I mean when you just look at those two you’ve just about summed it up.


So we just encourage you bring the light, you know?

This is not some far out philosophical esoteric idea here.


Imagine if that’s the light that we can bring to humanity now, where people feel cared for.


You know, that’s an interesting thing, because in that event that I did in Tombstone.

What, two weeks ago?

We just did like the head and the neck sets, right?

Just to give them an idea if they wanted to experience it.

But what the consensus is from everybody is their bodies going oh, thank you for loving me, because it begins there, don’t you think?

The light can come into that feeling separated, feeling alone, feeling unloved, feeling uncared for.

And something this simple and this noninvasive.

Love has the power to bring that change just, in what, one minute?


One minute just by doing the greeting.