December 26, 2016

DreamCatcher: Elaine Davis
Where did Bio-Touch come from?
Bio-Touch is the Cinderella of healing
Paul shares story of his Mom
Show Infection points

December 19, 2016

Center of DreamCatcher: Carol Jagiello, Bloomingdale, New Jersey, USA
Happy Hanukkah-Merry Christmas-Best Solstice
Bev’s Blog changing the paradigm of Giving/Receiving
Read the Dilemma – Give the Gift Within
Share Upper Abdomen
Membership Gifts

December 12, 2016

Center of DreamCatcher: Debra Schildhouse
Self Awareness Award: Sharilyn Powelson
Volunteer of Year: Ann Lemly
Quote from Book – Dr Bill Gallagher
Gentleness of Bio-Touch
Paul’s Story
We are the Gift
Stress Set

December 5, 2016

Center of Dreamcatcher: Helen Brewer
Holiday Sharing
Giving IS Receiving
Practice easily without an appointment
Bio-Touch is a Gift For All Humanity
Heart Set teaching

November 28, 2016

Mondays with Bev & Paul.
Center of DreamCatcher: Jane Merrifield-Beecher
Ambroise Pare’ – Read Preface of Manual
Bio-Touch addresses body & does no harm
Eye Set Teaching
Story of blind man seeing
Giving Tuesday –

Novmber 21, 2016

Center of DreamCatcher: Lorrayne Mills
Equality & Breath with Bio-Touch
Share Stress Set
Giving Tuesday Prep registration

November 14, 2016

Gratefulness during times of change
–political, artists death, planetary influences
DreamCatcher: Bettina Brentano
Dr Weil School of Integrative Medicine
–Bio-Touch participation
Quote from Book: Carole McKenzie
Teach Neck
Giving Tuesday

November 7, 2016

DreamCatcher: Genny Garner
Gratefulness & Thankfullnes for health
Read Quote from Gary Schwartz, PhD
Teach Greeting Set

October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween
DreamCatcher: Rosalee & Richard Laird
How Does Bio-Touch Work?
The Jewel within & video
Undoing process, not trying to change people.

October 24, 2016

Bev Wood in DreamCatcher
Start meetings with Greeting Set
Artificial Intelligence: Winston & Healthcare
Parade Magazine – Awe is Secret to Health
WOW factor of Bio-Touch

October 17, 2016

One year anniversary of Book Launch
Interview with Debra, author
Why the book, past year & future
German Publisher
Read Excerpt from Gary
Buy Book with discount

Oct 10, 2016

Testimonials from Class
DreamCatcher Celebration Invitation
Irv Knee Operation
Next workshop – Autism

Oct 3, 2016

Happy New Year Jewish Tradition.
Bio-Touch is a gift for all humanity for all time.
Ancient Egyptian healing technique, reawakened.
Dreamcatcher presentation.

Sept 26, 2016

Sharing Bio-Touch at events.
The WOW factor of Bio-Touch: can make changes in the deepest seat of consciousness.
Why we present Bio-Touch, and not promote.

Sept 19, 2016

Equality in community & tribe.
Why did we start Health Condition Workshops.

Sept 12, 2016

How did the Vision & Mission statement come into manifestation?
Equality in healing.

Sept 5, 2016

How did Bev come to Bio-Touch.
Excited to hold the space to share with more people.
Touch is a reminder.