This past Wednesday I posted Bio-Touch is Truth on my Facebook page. If you haven’t read it and would like to, please click here. In that post, I mentioned one aspect of Bio-Touch, as practiced at the Center in Tucson, which sets it apart from other touch-healing techniques. So, what is it about Bio-Touch that makes it “the most unique healing technique?”

Early in my adult life, inspired and motivated by the movie Resurrection, I dabbled in a hands-on healing method which required me to concentrate on bringing warmth to my fingers in order to ease people’s pain. Sometimes I was successful; more often I wasn’t. I turned to Bio-Touch six years ago after my old method failed me when I needed it most—to ease the terrible headaches my daughter, Jill, suffered when she contracted viral meningitis.

A year earlier, I had read an article about Bio-Touch online. The article said that everyone could easily learn Bio-Touch—it wasn’t necessary to possess healing skills or focus the mind, and everyone was effective on their first attempt. That sounded fascinating, yet too simple to work and too good to believe. But I printed out the article anyway, and tossed it into a folder to revisit sometime in the future. I never dreamed I’d need it so soon.

After Jill recovered, I was desperate to find a healing method I could count on so I’d never have to feel as scared and helpless as I did while she was suffering. I pulled out that article about Bio-Touch, and signed up to take a training course at their Center. By the end of that class I knew I’d found what I was looking for! Bio-Touch was easy to learn, within easy reach of anyone’s budget, and was built on the guiding principle “Love Thy Neighbor.”

Simple.  I loved the idea that I could be effective using Bio-Touch without needing to meditate, be “centered,” breathe in a certain way, adopt specific beliefs, or spend years in study to become a “master.” I was delighted that I didn’t have to work that hard in order to help alleviate people’s stress, pain and disease symptoms. I simply had to touch specific points on the body, light as a butterfly, with two fingers from each hand. And, I didn’t have to focus my mind to be effective. While giving a session, I could be thinking of the adorable shoes I’d seen on sale that morning or figuring out what side dish to serve with the barbecue chicken for dinner. Yet my recipient would smile, feeling so much better after that session, unaware of my mind’s wanderings.

The ease of learning Bio-Touch is also reflected in the statement, “so simple that even children can learn it and be effective.” I’ll never forget the ten year old girl in one of my training classes. She had accompanied her mother, who was taking the basic practitioner class. The child glanced at the training manual for a few minutes, and once inside the session room, she hopped up on the massage table, balanced on her knees, and touched her mom (the recipient) lightly on the precise points. All the while, the little girl giggled with delight. I was amazed, and a bit jealous, at how naturally it came to her.

Affordable. Bio-Touch is within easy reach of anyone’s budget—$18 for a one-year membership, which includes the full training manual in eBook format (and you can “upgrade” to a hard copy of the manual AND instructional DVD for just $29.95). With the training manual, you can use Bio-Touch to support good health through all stages of life. Learn Bio-Touch with someone you know, and you and that person can be both practitioner and recipient for pennies a day!

Live in Tucson? At the Tucson Center, where every staff person is a volunteer, certified practitioners offer 30-minute Bio-Touch sessions on a donations-only basis. Unheard of! And sometimes those donations are vegetables from a garden, freshly written poems, or handmade crafts. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds.

Interested in becoming a practitioner? You can enroll in the basic training course for $48 (and only $60 for a family) and the certification class for $60. And if you can’t attend a class in person, there are also affordable options for correspondence training.

Love Thy Neighbor. In the end, though, I believe it is “love” that distinguishes Bio-Touch from other healing methods. I cannot tell you how many times the word “love” enters into our conversations with students of Bio-Touch, recipients, and practitioners. I’d like to share with you what one recipient said in a written testimonial sent to Bio-Touch:

“Since the very first day, Bio-Touch gave me love and accepted me just the way I was at that time. It made my dream come true to find a place where people would be loving and sharing true and sincere hearts helping each other. It helped me to see and find love in every person.” ~Elizabeth R

And this is why we say, “Bio-Touch is a loving touch, and it is humanity’s right to be healthy, happy and loved.”

Yes, Bio-Touch truly is “the most unique healing technique.”

Debra Schildhouse
Bio-Touch: Healing With The Power In Our Fingertips