One of the definitions of the word heart in Webster’s dictionary is: “a muscular organ that receives blood from the veins and pumps it through the arteries to oxygenate the body.” And I would like to add that what gets oxygenated are the atoms that make up the body.

Medical and scientific research is finally documenting ancient philosophical teachings that the atoms in the body are intelligent units of consciousnesses.   Maybe that’s why the body “knows” Bio-Touch, because I think it affects the body right down to the cellular or atomic level.  For instance, if Bio-Touch is used to address a heart or circulation condition, the body inherently responds to that loving touch and opens itself to healing.  This idea is reiterated in a quote from the Bio-Touch Manual which says “many scientists have speculated that the body’s inherent healing abilities involve subtle emanations which, though not fully understood by the scientific community, are recognized as part of every living organism.”

I would like to share a thought with you in regards to another definition of the word heart from Webster’s:  “the central part of anything; the core.”  The International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM) is an educational organization that is headquartered in the Bio-Touch Center in Tucson, AZ.  It is from this center that the teachings of the Bio-Touch technique, the coordination of Certified Practitioners, and all Foundation policies are circulated throughout the world.  By Webster’s definition then, the center in Tucson is the heart of IFBM.

I tend to work with ideas through analogies and correspondences, so if I see the Tucson center as the heart, then Bio-Touch is the blood.  IFBM’s purpose is to circulate Bio-Touch to every person in the world, and every person in the world is a conscious atom in the body of the Planet!

When I read the Vision statement of IFBM, I am always reminded that we are all equal and interconnected.  In this time of planetary crisis and suffering, the heart of Humanity is beginning to open to its inherent nature, love, and the gift of love called Bio-Touch is already here and waiting to respond.