Bev & Paul talk about the benefits of becoming a Bio-Touch Healing Certified Practitioner.

The International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics is looking for people who are dedicated to service, self-awareness and helping humanity come together for healing.  It is time to bring a profound option in healthcare for everyone from families to professionals. You can be a global representative of this revolutionary movement

  • To gain a greater insight into the basic philosophy of encouraging a person’s growth in self-awareness: recognizing the equality of all humanity and introducing into society an application of “Love Your Neighbor.”
  • To insure that all Certified Practitioners (referred to as CP’s) maintain and represent the simplicity and exactness of the Bio-Touch™ points and technique.
  • To assist CP’s in their ability to share Bio-Touch in their communities.
  • To increase CP’s knowledge of IFBM (International Foundation of Bio- Magnetics ) 
  • To provide a basis for personal business & volunteer opportunities through IFBM.