Bio-Touch is a Beneficial Healing Touch Technique for HIV/AIDS

Bio-Touch is a healing touch technique which can help relieve the progression of symptoms related to HIV and AIDS. This includes the ability to help raise T-cell counts and build a stronger immune system. No type of healing touch is considered to be a replacement for traditional medicine, but we do believe that Bio-Touch, if used on a consistent basis with traditional medicine, can help relieve headaches, fever, swollen lymph nodes, coughs and chills. The particular sets of points on the body that are lightly touched in this protocol, are the head, infection, metabolism, lower abdomen, and lower back.

Learn About Addressing HIV/AIDS Using a Healing Touch Technique called Bio-Touch

To start learning the Bio-Touch healing touch technique today, simply become a member of our non-profit network. This $18 membership entitles you to a free copy of our training eBook, which is a $49 value. This eBook teaches you the entire Bio-Touch system. Anyone can learn Bio-Touch, and quickly achieve the same positive results that a seasoned practitioner would, in relieving symptoms of HIV and AIDS.

Do You Have Questions About HIV & AIDS Relief Using Bio-Touch?

We, at Bio-Touch, understand that all touch therapies differ in some way. If you have questions that you would like us to answer, please call, e-mail or send us a live chat message. You can also preview our training eBook immediately and see how Bio-Touch can work for you. When you join the Bio-Touch community and practice Bio-Touch, you’ll experience what makes this healing touch technique so powerful.

Always perform the GREETING before you apply any other sets

The INFECTION set is used to help with this particular condition. Click HERE to see how is it performed as a healing touch therapy. View the video here.

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