“I feel it in my fingers; I feel it in my toes. Well, love is all around me, and so the feeling grows. It’s written on the wind; it’s everywhere I go. So if you really love me come on and let it show.”  — The Troggs

“Love is All Around” is one of my favorite golden oldies, and I’ve been singing it under my breath getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. A popular story about the origin of Valentine’s Day’s explains that Emperor Claudius II didn’t want Roman men to marry during wartime. Bishop Valentine performed secret weddings, anyway. For that, Valentine was jailed and executed. Before his execution, he wrote a note to the jailor’s daughter, signing it “from your Valentine.”

That doesn’t sound very romantic to me. Nevertheless in 1537 England’s King Henry VII officially declared the 14th of February as the holiday to honor St. Valentine. And, to show how much we care about our loved ones, we buy over one billion dollars worth of chocolate in more than 35 million heart-shaped boxes in the United States, alone, for Valentine’s Day. In addition, we buy over 189 million stems of roses. Interestingly, teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, sweethearts and pets.

Are these gifts really the best we can do for people we love? Chocolates derail people’s dieting efforts, while flowers droop and wither in a week. I believe the gift of membership to IFBM is an incredible gift to give to people we care about. They’ll feel the love for an entire year as they benefit from Bio-Touch sessions and/or the downloadable training manual. They’ll receive the “Just Touch” Newsletter, and save money on select vitamins, salt lamps, books, and more. And, at only $18, membership costs less than a box of hand-dipped chocolates!

So, if you really love them, come on and let it show…with gifts of membership for those special people in your life.



  1. Great article. The two fingers made into a “couple” is such a cute idea; it should get peoples attention. Just touching with two fingers; as in Biotouch, can start a lifetime relationship!

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