In this month of Hearts and Love I recall the Super Bowl halftime show where they got thousands of people to hold up cards around the stadium and present the phrase: BELIEVE IN LOVE.  What an inspiration.  But I would add it is not just about belief; it is really time to LET OURSELVES BE LOVED.

It could be said another way, which is to reclaim our birthright to be healthy, happy and loved. I mean, really, we came with that right, but for some reason it is always an arm’s length away, and we end up paying outrageous amounts of money to try and get it back.

I must say that I am proud to be part of an organization that freely gives people back the opportunity to reclaim that birthright. By sharing Bio-Touch we are able to put Love Into Action, whereby we get the chance to truly experience the equality of all humanity.  I remember the Dali Lama said, “If you want to understand the oneness of humanity, you will need to look at the body.” That is a way for all of us to start understanding that we are all the same—all born of the same stuff.

Our manual says, “Everyone, because of their inherent love and compassion for those who are suffering, can perform these methods without limitation.”  And I would like to make the point that it says EVERYONE. Yes everyone has an inherent love and compassion…we just need the opportunity to put that into application.

But I think humanity is ready for this simple touch-healing technique. If we are ready to BELIEVE IN LOVE at the Super Bowl, we must be ready to Put Love Into Action around the Super Globe!



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  1. Enjoyed and appreciated this blog so much because of the humanity implicit in its words. We all want love, need love actually, to thrive and to be able to give love to others. Bio-Touch really does give us the opportunity to experience just that—us imperfect humans receiving and giving back love, in the form of a gentle touch.

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