As you can read in the Vision statement of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM), one of its main purposes is to encourage people in the growth of self-awareness through Bio-Touch.  Not just some people, but the whole community of Humanity.  What a powerful undertaking!

What does it take to hold such a vision?   The IFBM Board and Staff members are a group of dedicated servers who know that Bio-Touch changes lives.  It is a gift of love and healing that begins a powerful process of self-awareness and it must be shared with everyone.  I believe that Bio-Touch will play a great part in the shifting of consciousness that is happening because it has the potential to aid Humanity in becoming aware of its greater purpose.

There is an ancient saying, “Know Yourself”.   As I continue on my own journey of self-awareness, I am realizing that Bio-Touch isn’t just about loving and connecting with others.  It is the key that opens the door of knowing that before I can love others I must first love myself.  My birthright is to be healthy, happy and loved.

I think I will change that saying to “Know Yourself as LOVE”.


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