One of the blessings I count in being involved with the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM) is how it continues to contribute to my self-awareness.

Lately I have been aware of thoughts about volunteering versus serving.  Even though both activities originate from the same motive of giving, I believe there are subtle differences.

When I first became a staff member at our center in Tucson, AZ, I thought of myself as a volunteer, showing up once a week to work my shift and to practice Bio-Touch with recipients.  I was very satisfied with myself.  But now, years later as Co Director and President of the IFBM Board, I can no longer think of myself as just a volunteer.  I have definitely stepped into service.  I have agreed to not just show up, but to embrace my part and responsibility to share Bio-Touch with the world.

Just as IFBM is evolving and expanding, our concepts and ideas about how we can share Bio-touch are changing too.  For me, volunteering is motivated from a personal sense of wanting to give something beyond our little selves and that is certainly admirable.  But service comes from a sense of knowing that we are here to contribute to a larger group vision and that we have an opportunity to bring to that effort all of our unique gifts and talents.

Thank you for the part you each play in this great work called Bio-Touch.


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