When I received my IONS Bulletin and read that the Institute was interested in hearing from members on exploring service, I thought this would be a great opportunity to tell of my experiences with the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics.  IFBM is a nonprofit, tax-exempt educational foundation that teaches and ministers sessions in Bio-Magnetic-Touch Healing.  What interested me in the technique was that it helped to activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself, that it was simple, and the sessions were free.  I decided to give it a try.

When I first came into the Honolulu Center I had chronic neck and shoulder pain.  I was overweight and I basically felt pretty sorry for myself.  In the sessions the practitioners used the first two fingers of each hand and touched different points on my body.  They touched me so lightly; it was like a butterfly landing on my skin.  After several sessions my pain decreased.  I could start and stick with an exercise program, and I generally felt much better about myself.

I decide to take the introductory class in Bio-Touch, and in that one weekend I learned the entire technique.  I continued through the certification program and once I was certified I became a volunteer at the Center.  At first I thought that being of service involved giving up my time; that it was a bit of a sacrifice.  But a soon as I started, the idea that service is a sacrifice went out the door.  I was having a great time!  I had the opportunity to share this technique with people from all walks of life who had amazing stories to tell.

I saw healing take place on a physical level –for example, people who had been in pain for years found relief and people who hadn’t slept well soon slept soundly through the night.  One woman who couldn’t sit down for more than five minutes because of terrible back pain can no sit at a computer for eight years.

Some people have gone through incredible emotional changes.  One man in particular was so shy and withdrawn when he first came in that I felt uncomfortable being around him.  But he got worked on and slowly came out of his shell enough to warn to learn the technique and also volunteer at the Center. Now he goes dancing almost every night!  It is an incredibly moving experience to see how lives are changed simply by touching.  Being of service has contributed to my healing in ways that are still unfolding.  At this point, I don’t know where this will take me, but by choosing to give of myself to others, I reap rewards that are simply a marvel to behold.

-by Rachel Funk in 1995.  She helped run our Honolulu Center for years around this time.

We hear these same words from many practitioners at the Center, 20 years later.


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  1. Not too many poeple know what
    IONS is. It is noetic science.
    It was started by Edgar Mitchel
    He recently died. He was the last
    Astronaut alive who went to the moon.he was a great and very
    HUMBLE man. I had the good fortune to get to know him.

    I am a member of noetic science
    Since 1984. We were 2000 members then.

    I saw the article of rachel in
    The noetic magazin to which
    I responded. I got paul in havai
    Then…so i have been around for
    20 years.
    Edith Hulse

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