loving-family-clipart-gg3881115Thinking about this month’s blog theme, “putting love into action,” gave me an opportunity to contemplate a little deeper what the word love means to me.  Personally, I think it is such a high Divine Idea that we aren’t fully aware of its power yet.  But at least most of us try to live by the Ideal of it.  When I thought about the action of love, well, that became even more of a challenge. How do we put into action such an abstract concept?

I remembered that in the Mission statement of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM), Bio-Touch is said to be the application of the Universal Principle of Love Thy Neighbor.  Wow! From the beginning this Divine Idea has been upholding the work and service of sharing this amazing gift with the world.

Maybe putting love into action is found when one person steps into another’s sacred space, and just by giving the Greeting, initiates a relationship of trust and harmony, allowing each to be present with the other.    

Maybe it is just that simple.

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  1. Love is all there really is. The rest of what we experience is only an illusion. Any touch therapy is communicating love from one to another in its best form. I learned Bio Touch from a massage therapist many years ago when my late husband had cancer. She taught it to me so that I could give it to him any time when he was in severe pain. It was a tremendous relief for him and for me that there was actually something that I could do that helped him feel better. I don’t use is as a practitioner as most of my clients are people I never actually see in person, but I do use it for family and close friends and whoever receives it loves it, as I love offering it. Thank you.

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