Happy Solstice to you all.

This month our theme has been “Putting Love Into Action”.  For me, that phrase triggers the memory of exactly when and why I got involved in sharing Bio-Touch with the world. The following paragraph, taken from the book, “Bio-Touch: Healing With The Power In Our Fingertips,” highlights that defining moment:

“Cheryl and I were hanging out in Norman’s living room, when people started gossiping about two local feuding families.    Apparently, the people involved had never gotten along, in a way similar to the Hatfield-McCoy conflict. Members of the clans lived in the general vicinity, but had avoided each other for decades to prevent bloodshed.  Yet everyone was bewildered because whenever any of those family members happened to show up at Norman’s at the same time, they were able to sit together, peacefully, waiting their turn. Suddenly an elderly rancher who’d been sitting with us got to his feet. He was one of the town’s old timers. He looked at us and said, ‘You wanna know why those feuding clan members can sit together peacefully in this living room?  It’s because Norman and Carole brought love here. And people can feel it. Yep, Norman and Carole brought love to the Mancos Valley!”

Some months later, I was, once again, thrust into a moment of incredible clarity. It was during the closing minutes of our very first Bio-Touch Certification class in Mancos. One of the participants, an ex-CIA agent, said, “I have been involved in a lot of revolutions around the world, but I have never seen one as powerful as the one happening right here, for this one is based on Love!”

Love….put into action. This is not just some philosophical concept that works by my sitting around meditating on my navel. It is a stepping into my god-given talent, and beginning to let my light so shine. A light from deep within my being that is not trying to change myself, or the world. It is just about standing in the presence with another human being, and allowing this thing we call “love” to come into its own action.

I need only do one thing….JUST TOUCH!  Just by doing the GREETING set, without regard for any specific end result, I come into a relationship where the “I” and the “You” are brought together with the power of Love. Maybe that phrase “I love you” is all we need to bring Love Into Action.


  1. Love the line – ” …where the ‘I’ and ‘you’ are brought together…”!!!

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