For me, freedom, equality and unity have always been the goals of Humanity and we are still striving towards them.  But, as we continue to move through this present shifting of consciousness, people everywhere are beginning to awaken and become aware that these principles are indeed our birthrights. 

Before the group of Humanity can be united however, each of us must become aware of the changes we need to make in our own lives.  Only then can we contribute to the greater good. 

As I pondered each of these three principles, I found myself relating them to the philosophy of Bio-Touch using thoughts from the Vision statement of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM):

Freedom – Bio-Touch encourages self awareness so all people can take responsibility for their health care and it empowers them to freely make choices for their quality of life.

Equality –   Bio-Touch promotes the growth of self awareness in the recognition that we are all equal.  It is an unconditional relationship in which the practitioner and the recipient are partners, each giving and receiving.             

Unity –   Bio-Touch encourages the self awareness that we are one and not separate from each other.  It offers us the opportunity to serve the worldwide community and to play our part in it.

Bio-Touch is the gift of awareness that we are a chain which shall go on indefinitely.



  1. There is an emotional connection for me with Bio-Touch though I don’t practice it on a regular basis. I love the principles that are included in the blog. Our connection with our Source is how we have freedom. We have unlimited power to be the light and love that our Creator created us to be. Yes, we are all one with Source and each other and so we are all equal. Not all of us are aware of that yet, so it is the job of those who know that to share that understanding with those who don’t. Thank you for this reminder of what our job is so that we can continually re-dedicate ourselves to that job — Joy Of Being –.

  2. Love the idea that freedom and unity and equality are recognized through self-awareness. Real self-awareness may be somewhat difficult to achieve even with the help of Bio-Touch, but look how much reward comes with it!

  3. I agree with all these comments; beautifully said and well deserved. My comment is through my own experience that the more you try to influence or persuade people for what you think is their own good, the more they close like a clam. Let it be; just be yourself and people will want to be like you.Bless you all you beautiful souls. We are one , Namaste

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