Integrative Healthcare Practitioners are beginning to create a new model for healthcare. It is very exciting to see that the medical model is finally opening up to many of the energy-based healing methods and incorporating them into treatment plans. Unfortunately though, this model still uses the same old paradigm of the “patient – doctor” or “client – practitioner” relationship. Also, the old dialogue continues, requiring that the patient, or one suffering, find an expert in the field who can help them. It still places the power and expertise solely in the hands of the practitioner.

I believe it is time to create a new paradigm, a new dialogue where patients, and those suffering, can learn that they can help themselves. Bio-Touch gives people back the power to embrace their birthright to be happy, healthy and loved. It is a tool they can use to bring the healing process into their own homes.

Every member of the family can learn Bio-Touch and share it within the family’s home healing center. It can be part of family TV night, a weekend gathering, or a nightly tuck into bed. Kids can use Bio-Touch on their parents and vice versa, helping everyone feel better. Families can even invite neighbors and friends over to create a community of healing.

Let people know THEY CAN DO IT—they can do healing work. There are no levels of mastery, special beliefs, or healing talents necessary with Bio-Touch. Everyone is effective immediately after learning some touch points on the body, thereby helping to reduce pain, stress, and inflammation. If nothing else, after Bio-Touch people are calmer and more relaxed, which is the biggest part of healing. And with the well-being and clarity that Bio-Touch has given them, families can more effectively seek out experts to contribute to their healthcare programs.

I feel that we, as health care professionals, must continually encourage families to seek out healing techniques that they can do at home. Integrative health care should be based around the family unit, not the other way around. It is a revolution of thought – a revolution based on love and equality. Because we’re living in challenging times on the planet, it’s the perfect time to begin healing one another, thereby helping ourselves to heal. And it can start at home with a simple technique like Bio-Touch.

We can empower ourselves to heal. We can be healthy and happy without having to spend all of our hard-earned resources reclaiming this birthright. YES, WE CAN DO THIS!




  1. Well written and always inspiring! Thank you for reminding us Paul….as easily as even health practitioners forget……the innate healing power within each one IS our birthright. We must beleive it, claim it, and know that even the simple intention of extending Love, comfort, and compassion to all is a true healing balm. <3

  2. Really like this blog, Paul, especially the way it focuses on how people can help one another. Thanks for the inspiring words.

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