More and more I am aware that there is a revolution of love taking place in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.  Yes there is still pain and suffering, but even in the midst of the present global crisis, I see many of the barriers that have separated us for so long beginning to break down.  I hear more kind and compassionate conversations as we interact with each other, whether in person or in the world.   And out of this revolution, I feel we are beginning to remember that we are deeply connected and innately equal in our heritage as human beings.

The International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM) promotes the thought that Bio-Touch is love and love is Bio-Touch, and through self awareness we can recognize the equality of all humanity.  For me, love is the highest principle and idea.  I have often said that Bio-Touch is an idea whose time has come. Well, now is the perfect time for humanity to embrace the idea of Bio-Touch and through its application, begin the journey of remembering our connectedness and equality.

At the Bio-Touch center in Tucson, AZ, practitioners and recipients are indeed blessed to consistently share in this relationship of healing and equality. But the magic of this unique technique is that it is accessible and belongs to every single one of us, wherever we may be in the world.  Love is all, and in love, all is equal.

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