Happy first day of Autumn to you all.

I just read an article declaring that “healers” should protect themselves from other people’s energies. It said that we can do this by projecting white lights around ourselves, or by using bubbles or visions. But what kind of equality is formed with these barriers?  What happens when I continue to think of “them” versus “me?”

I am so grateful that with Bio-Touch I am allowed to come into relationship with another in total equality. For instance, initial contact, the Greeting set of points, is always performed at the beginning of each session, prior to addressing any other area of the body. It seems to establish a harmony between the associate and the recipient.

In the Terms section of our training manual is stated the following: “The ‘associate’ is the person who performs the procedures in this manual. The term ‘associate’ is used as a matter of convenience; however the dictionary describes the role as one who is inspired to pursue this work as: (1) one often in company with another, implying intimacy or equality, (2) one having an interest in common with another.”

 If I am equal to another, then that person is no different than me. So, how can I get someone’s negative “stuff” if they are me?  How can I get brought down by another if they are equal to me?  With Bio-Touch I am able to “see” myself in the other. This I have come to understand as an application of Love. I don’t need to focus on the negative aspects of “the other.” I just need to touch and address their pain, and automatically I begin to have a different experience. I begin to see them as myself—as a divine manifestation of Love.

 This might just be an abstract idea, but Bio-Touch is designed to let me live in that awareness without having to think about it. I don’t have to put myself in a specific state of mind, nor project any kind of protection from another. I just need to touch. In that, I am brought into equality with another human being. And that is where healing takes place, both for the one I am wishing to help and myself.

 The Vision of the Bio-Touch Foundation is the following: “to encourage all people to take responsibility for their own healthcare, empower them to assist others and create a community of people worldwide dedicated to service, self-awareness and recognizing the equality of all humanity—thus forming a chain which shall go on indefinitely.”

 I have to believe that if we are all equal, we are all healing; both the recipient and I are coming to self-awareness. These are the healing possibilities that we are seeing in the world at this time. Through so much perceived darkness and negativity, I am given a chance to see myself in action. I can still practice Bio-Touch no matter what my perceived judgments might be. And seriously, that is the chain which can go on indefinitely.



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