If you recall in the book, Bio-Touch: Healing With The Power In Our Fingertips, by Debra Schildhouse, there is much revealed about my life in community living. In those days we had a play on the word community: “come unity.”

Debra expressed in this month’s newsletter about the ripple effect of people practicing and sharing Bio-Touch: “If six people who embrace Bio-Touch each inspire and teach six people to do the same, and this happens just six times, we will have a Bio-Touch community of almost 280 thousand people!”

Bev, in her latest blog, speaks of “The present shifting of consciousness is expanding the awareness that we are all connected and not separate from each other.”

My personal wish has been, and still is, that all people can realize their birthright to be healthy, happy and loved. The simple application of the Bio-Touch technique with another human being can help us recognize this birthright, not only for ourselves but for every human. That simple practice can bring us into, at least for a moment, the recognition of the equality of all. We get a moment of recognizing the other in ourselves.

It is as simple as beginning with the GREETING SET of points. If each of us just did that one set (here is a link to that set) we would begin a healing process.

So for just one moment reach out and touch someone. Then just touch 6 people who are suffering: family members, friends.  I don’t expect you to do it with strangers yet!  Just the GREETING…just that simple.

Then feel the ripple — feel it become a thought system for humanity. We can change the global direction of negativity and suffering by a simple act of touching. Change is possible and it begins with a simple act of touching.

Please join Debra, Bev, and me. Join our Board, our Staff and our Recipients in sharing Bio-Touch with humanity. Together in 2016 we can make a difference.



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  1. Happy, healthy and loved—wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if we all felt that way? I’m always happy and feel loved when I go to Bio-Touch, and hopefully I’m getting healthier too. And in turn I’m glad to give back to Bio-Touch so it stays healthy and happy and loved too.

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