Bio-Touch Brought Us Back to Center

In the busy world that we live in it’s very easy to become disconnected from the ones that we love. In the adult world our time is hijacked by responsibilities that can put our partners on the back burner while we struggle to survive the bills, the job and raising children.

With the heavy workload that my husband faces and with three boys at home, time has become a commodity in our household. We are a group of souls living our own adventure right now. My husband and I are both in school, he works outside of the home and I work from home. We have two school aged boys who are starting to reach out and create their own identities and then we have a toddler who is already challenging the process. To say we are busy, stressed and stretched to the ends is an understatement.

My husband was faced with something that weighed heavily on him. He was being placed in a position where control was not his. I could see that it was really beginning to affect him to a point where it would take over his mind. We were already having to sneak small moments of time to be a “couple” and I did not want him to be more consumed by this situation and allow it to control him. I knew Bio-Touch would help him with stress and talked to him about setting some time aside to let me help him.

Ahh that word TIME again! We made a decision that we would dedicate some quiet time every evening once the kids were in bed. We would turn off all noise and put down the technology. I would use my lavender oil, and give him Bio-Touch. So here we go major victory on my part. He was not reluctant but he is stubborn.

Once I started with the Greeting Set I could just see and feel his shoulders relax, his breathing soften and his acceptance to this process. Moving along to the Head Set, Stress Set and Metabolism Set he was so relaxed and in the moment. I knew at that point we had a winner.

A winner on many levels, it was helping him with his struggles, it was giving me something I could give him to help, and it was giving us TIME. Time to be one, to be quiet, to be present. That is one of the most beautiful things about Bio-Touch, it gives us a connectedness on a whole new level.

Couples can give one another a gift so different than any other. This gift does not cost a thing but to me and my husband it is worth so much more.

It gave us time, brought us back to center and back to ONE.


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