Here it is again, the season which stimulates all people of goodwill to collectively express what is truly important:  giving, sharing, connecting, and through it all, loving.

Well how wonderful! I just realized I have described the gift of Bio-Touch, and even more wonderful, that it is the gift everyone can give every day of the year, not just during a season.

The amazing technique of Bio-Touch embraces and unfolds what is inherent in all of us – the capacity to love unconditionally.  Through this relationship of healing, the practitioner and the recipient are both given an opportunity to practice The Golden Rule of Loving Thy Neighbor.

My wish is that this season inspires us all to make Bio-Touch a part of our everyday lives.  In doing so, we can become the gift bearers of health, happiness and love in the world.

Blessed Holidays!

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  1. I really like the simplicity of the butterfly with hands and planet image… if you should visit in Santa Fe remember we have a bed to share…

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