These are such interesting times for Humanity.  It seems that so many of our long held idealisms and social paradigms are crumbling and changing, and very quickly.  Yes, change can cause fear and insecurity, but I believe that it is inevitable, necessary, and healthy, because it provides the awareness we need to recreate ourselves and our world.  I’ve often thought that the only constant is change.

Recently, I have become aware of a global dialog that is changing our long held concept of giving and receiving.  Not only that, it is changing how we perceive ourselves as givers and receivers.  I believe this ideal is based on the Divine Idea of Love; and in Love, we cannot give without receiving. When we give freely of ourselves and our resources, we are contributing to the unlimited possibilities for all of us.  And what if we had the opportunity every day to do just that? Well, we can with Bio-Touch!  With that loving touch we have the ability and the resource to give freely of ourselves all the time.

The purpose of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM) is to give to the world the gift of Bio-Touch because it belongs to everyone. It is the physical application of the Divine Idea of Love. When two people enter into that amazing relationship of healing, all barriers are broken down, each honoring the other as equals, and open to the exchange of giving and receiving. Bio-Touch is here, now, because it is time for Humanity to awaken and to remember that we are love, we are equal, and we are ONE.

Happy Holidays!  May this next year bring all of us expanded opportunities to be gift bearers of Bio-Touch and to support the important work of IFBM.




  1. Beautiful and clear statement of what the Bio-Touch relationship is all about. And a lovely reminder that we are all connected—and the connection is love.

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