I’ve been thinking and talking about the membership program of The International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM) a lot, lately. Membership is a familiar term to me, but I wanted to expand on its meaning, so I consulted my thesaurus. The list of synonyms contained only four words:  association, connection, link and relationship. But I found each word to be very insightful.

And as I reflected on those words, I realized that for all of us who are a part of IFBM, they define our thoughts, our speech, and our efforts to uphold the Foundation’s work in the world. We have the privilege of associating with, connecting to, and being a link in the chain of a great relationship called Humanity, which will go on indefinitely.

It is written in our Mission statement that Bio-Touch is the application of the universal principle of “Love Thy Neighbor.” But even though none of the above four synonyms are not used in the Mission or Vision statements, they represent the underlying purpose of IFBM, which is to honor everyone’s right to a healthy quality of life and the growth of self awareness.

I could give many reasons why becoming a member of this outstanding organization is worthwhile, but in this moment, I am thinking about what an $18 membership can offer, and it’s priceless. Whether you are a member, practitioner, recipient, or sit on the Board of Directors, you play an integral part in the unfolding love story that is Bio-Touch.

Bev Wood
Executive Co-Director


  1. In 2007 Beverly brought Biotouch into my awareness. Six years later I walked into BioTouch center for the first time. Little did I know then how radically it would change my life. I am now a certified practioner and my next goal is to take the insructors training.
    The unconditional love I have experienced is beyond measure and now my focus is on becoming a link in that chain. Passing on the gift of experiencing a healthy life style -connecting and sharing that love with all I can.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Horace. We are all here for loving service. What a wonderful opportunity to do just that by being a member of IFBM.

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