Once again, let’s pull from our own Bio-Touch manual for this month of “love”:

“The only requirement for an individual to practice this technique is a simple intent to help one’s fellow human beings. With this intent and proper instruction, assistance may be initiated by any individual. Anyone who has an inherent love or compassion for those who are suffering can perform the methods described in this manual without limitation.”

I am always inspired by this all-inclusive statement in our manual. It really tells us that anyone and everyone can practice Bio-Touch. Why? Because we all have that inherent love for those suffering…that is our birthright.

We are here on earth to let ourselves be loved and to love one another…that is really the ONLY reason we are here. We get distracted over the years, but inherently we are all that love.

This month we are reminded that the sharing of Bio-Touch is the continuation of that “love story.” It’s so easy to learn, so easy to practice, and so easy to notice results. I am so grateful to have been drawn to meet Norman, that mining engineer in Colorado, who allowed himself to open to love and reawaken this simple touch-healing technique.

I am grateful that I said, “Let’s teach it now!”

I fondly remember, back in 1989, in Mancos, Colorado. An elderly rancher was sitting in the living room at Norman and Carole’s house. Suddenly, the old man announced, “Norman and Carole brought love to the Mancos Valley!” And, some 25 years later, we are still sharing that simple application of Love. That Love which is inherent in every human being; that Love which we need in order to be happy and healthy. It is time to regain our birthright. It really is as simple as “Just Touch.

Paul Bucky
Executive Co-Director


  1. This is the story I never tire of hearing. It takes a special person to do something like this, and Paul is that special person. I love him and what he has created. There is no telling how many people he has helped by bringing this system to light so it can be learned and used by the masses. I will always be grateful that I found Biotouch and the chance to learn it. It’s something I will use the rest of my life.

  2. My late grandmother and I took the Biomagnetic training in Mancos in the early 90s. I still use it for family and friends.

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