March is here.  This is my favorite time of the year when I can begin to sense the first stirrings of spring and hear the note of “awakening” that has begun to sound within Nature itself.  It is the season of renewal which fulfills the promise of beauty that has been waiting to be re-birthed.

It is with a grateful heart that I write this month’s blog.  As I look back to last March, I realize that my future relationship with the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM) and Bio-Touch had already been birthed, as I was half way through the instructor course at that time.  It is still amazing to me, even a year later, the opportunities through which love and the growth of self awareness continues to unfold in my life through this association.

IFBM and Bio-Touch are also experiencing a season of renewal and growth.  I can sense the excitement of awakening and see the changes and opportunities being offered to all of us involved with this great organization.  It is my heartfelt wish that as we continue to work together, holding our vision of love and connectedness, that the promise of beauty within Humanity can also be birthed into the world.


  1. Thank you, Bev, for you are indeed an example of love and self-awareness. I have seen your growth and it didn’t seem like there was much more for you to aspire to.

    Blessings for more to experience and share at IFBM and Bio-Touch.


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