“This manual, and the classes taught in conjunction with it, are only a beginning. With this information, an individual will be prepared to address a great percentage of bodily ailments.”

This sentence from our training manual, and the fact that it’s spring time again, reminds me that we are in a beginning. It is always just the beginning. So, again and again I get to remember why I practice Bio-Touch. I just love being in relationships with others and passing on a bit of hope that, once again, everything is going to be okay.

I know, because of all my years as a practitioner, that Bio-Touch can ease the discomfort of any bodily ailment. Using the most basic human interaction, light touching, Bio-Touch actually brings love into the healing process! Could it really be that simple? Is love all that is needed to relieve suffering?

Ah, so simple…so Just Touch!

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  1. I agree love is all that is needed; because love is awareness. I have learned as a practitioner; if I didn’t have love I wouldn’t be practicing Bio-Touch. Practicing Bio-Touch makes one become more aware; since awareness is love, it creates a cycle which will never end. Infinity!

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