March is always welcome because we are closer to spring and warmer weather. However, the month of March also brings the blowing winds, and the beginning of allergy season. I know I talked about allergies last month. This time, though, I am focused on being grounded and attuned to my emotions and reactions to situations. The wind brings allergens and dust, but it also clears out unwanted stuff from the environment as well as from my mind and heart. When I am stuck approaching an issue a particular way, it does not leave room for any other perspective or objectivity. So blow wind, blow, and open up the vision and awareness that things can be different. Allow me to see and hear what others have to say and envision.

When I am open to my personal growth, thus being self-aware, that gives permission for other folks to do the same. And boy oh boy what an experience – lots of deep thinking/learning/acceptance/ and FUN ensues. That’s been my experience serving as the IFBM Board President. And when I sit in a Practitioner Training class at the Bio-Touch Center to renew my certification, my heart is filled with joy as I notice how aware I am of receiving more instruction.

Here’s trusting that each of you will allow the March winds to blow through your life in a way that brings better results for you and those in your environment.

Sylvia McConico
IFBM Board President