I often hear other practitioners talk about how rewarding it is to share Bio-Touch with others. As practitioners, we offer Bio-Touch to all who request it. We work to make sure we follow the prescribed sets of points and that we honor the mission and vision of the organization. Share. Love your neighbor.

Sharing is why I look forward each week to my time as a volunteer practitioner. Most of those days my schedule is full…..”regulars” (Bio-Touch members who have standing appointments; a nice membership benefit!), those who come in occasionally and  first time recipients. All of them can count on me to do my best during a Bio-Touch session. And I can count on them to brighten my day, make me laugh, give me advice, share some interesting observation, etc.

Sharing.  Exchanging gifts.  Enriching each other’s lives.  That part…the sharing….is pure magic to me.  Needs are met.  Relationships are forged.  Community is created.  Whether you are a Bio-Touch practitioner, a recipient, board member, community member…….

Bio-Touch brings out the best in me. At the end of my day there, I am filled with joy. I usually leave smiling; feeling blessed.

Love your neighbor. I always get much more than I give.

Share.  Just share.
Klara Dannar

Visit her at: Klara

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  1. Klara,
    You are a beautiful spirit and your sharing of Bio-Touch is appreciated. What a gift you are to our community.

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