There is nothing better than a song to show appreciation for our Volunteers.  This song was written by Certified Practitioner, Horace Barnes and the slide show was created by Certified Practitioner, Klara Dannar.



  1. Oh Boy! I love hearing that song every time it is played wherever it is played. Thank you Horace Barnes for writing it. Thank you Klara for putting pics to make a video and thank you Paul for posting it during this month of Volunteer Appreciation.
    Wheh! I’m tinkly all over.

  2. That was a treat! Thanks so much to Horace and Klara and to everyone who is a part, or has been a part, of the Bio-Touch team.

  3. Simply beautiful…thank you so much Horace, Kiara, Paul and all you wonderful practitioners that give so freely of your love and time.

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