This excerpt is taken from the Preface of Bio-Touch: Healing With the Power in Our Fingertips

Excerpt from Chapter 13 of Bio-Touch: HEALING WITH THE POWER IN OUR FINGERTIPS

While Paul gave me a Bio-Touch session, he paid close attention to the back of my neck, even though I hadn’t mentioned that it hurt. I realized how stiffly I was holding my head, once his fingers zeroed in. As he swept downward from the base of my skull, the sudden easing of my muscles flooded me with relief. I was embarrassed to hear myself cooing like a contented pigeon.

After working on my neck, he addressed my head. As he touched specific areas, I could feel a light buzzing around my forehead. When Paul worked on my arm and hand, blood engorged my icy palm and fingers. It was a strange, but pleasant sensation. Soon a loose heaviness spread throughout the entire area from my shoulder to my fingertips. The tension evaporated from my body; I felt safe. It was as if I was home on a rainy day, curled under a blanket in my favorite chair. He finished, leaving me alone to savor the quiet calm coursing through me.





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