This excerpt is taken from the Preface of Bio-Touch: Healing With the Power in Our Fingertips

Years before I met him, Paul Bucky’s severe backache had led him to seek relief from the local “healer” in a tiny town in Colorado. The man used Bio-Touch to relieve Paul’s pain completely in two sessions. Paul recognized the untapped potential of Bio-Touch, devoting the rest of his life to volunteering as a practitioner and teaching it to others. One day he mentioned to me how much he wished someone would write a book about Bio-Touch. He said people all over the world needed to read and learn about the healing technique that anyone could do, anywhere. He envisioned neighbors sharing Bio-Touch inside their homes in remote areas of China or Bangladesh, helping each other feel better.

His words sparked a sudden, overwhelming desire within me to be the author of that book. I spent hours interviewing Paul. Besides having lived an extraordinary life, he had expanded Bio-Touch’s reach well beyond the confines of Mancos, Colorado. He had created the foundation that offered classes to anyone who wanted to learn Bio-Touch, because it so perfectly embodied his lifelong creed to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” And, he wouldn’t rest until he shared it with many more people. He had been on a spiritual quest since his youth. In early adulthood, he invited friends to move into his house to embrace communal life. His home soon evolved into a self-sufficient community of residents seeking spiritual enlightenment as well as teaching it to others. Later, he lived in the mountains of Colorado in a one-hundred-year-old stone house without running water, gas, electricity, phone, or mail service. Eschewing modern civilization for four years, he and a select group of people lived as the pioneers had in order to fully concentrate on their spiritual studies.

I was touched, annoyed, amused, and sometimes grossed out by his depictions of past trials and triumphs. But the more I heard, the more I realized our lives had been on parallel trajectories for decades.





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