Bio-Touch helps with Brain Injuries & Concussions

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are a leading cause of death and disability in the United States, and impact millions of people every year.

There are two types of Traumatic Brain Injuries:

Open Head Injury: An Open Head Injury occurs when a foreign object enters or penetrates the skull. These injuries can occur when a projectile enters the skull, but they can also result from accidents where a skull fracture causes a piece of bone to enter the brain.

Closed Head Injury: A Closed Head Injury occurs when the head suffers a concussive or forceful blow. These injuries can result when any type of sudden, violent motion causes the brain to knock against the inside of the skull.

The following statistics come from the Brain Injury Association of America:

  • 3 million Americansare currently living with some form of TBI-related disability.
  • 137 people in the United States die every dayas a result of a TBI-related injury. That amounts to more than 50,000 TBI-related fatalities every year.
  • Someone in the U.S sustains a TBI every 13 seconds.
  • Falls account for 40.5% of all TBIs, and car accidents account for 14.3%.

Symptoms of brain injury include fatigue, headaches, visual problems, memory loss, poor attention and concentration, dizziness, loss of balance, seizures, slowness of thinking, and many more, depending on the severity of the injury.

Bio-Touch has been shown to ease the symptoms associated with brain injuries and concussions. While not a substitute for standard medical care, Bio-Touch is an effective complement to medical protocols. Family members and friends can learn how to help each other feel better using Bio-Touch, without being concerned about negative side effects.

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