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In 2004 I learned about  Bio-Touch from a newspaper article I read soon after moving from California to Arizona. It piqued my interest and it wasn’t long after that, that I had a muscle spasm in my lower back that was very painful and limited my mobility for a couple of weeks.

After going to the doctor and being prescribed all the conventional meds and not getting much relief that way, I found my way to the Bio-Touch center and within 2 weeks was pain-free and like new again.

It was a very transformative experience and it was the catalyst for me enrolling in the training classes and become a Bio-Touch Certified Practioner.

I had started a new teaching position in the fall of 2004 so most of my interning hours were done the following summer of 2005 when I could devote more time to it. But ever since then I’ve been a volunteer at the center in Tucson.

It has been the one constant in my life these past 15 years.

I have changed jobs over the years, moved from one house to another a couple times, changed relationships, but Bio-Touch has remained a part of my life through it all.

Bio-Touch has so much to offer humanity. Not only can it provide great benefits to us physically, but I believe it goes deeper than that, helping us emotionally and spiritually.

Bio-Touch has been very rewarding for me both as a recipient and as a Practitioner.

It doesn’t matter whether I am the giver or the receiver, either way I feel it helps me to be more grounded, to relieve stress, to be more focused and to have more self-awareness.

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