I have two friends who were both diagnosed with breast cancer. The first friend lives an hour away, so I wasn’t able to give her Bio-Touch during her treatment which was 15 days of radiation after surgery.

The second friend is my neighbor and I was able to give her Bio-Touch every day leading up to her surgery and during her 21 days of radiation.

My friend with 15 days of radiation, had skin irritation and burning of her skin after the 15 days. My friend with 21 days of radiation and daily Bio-Touch, had no skin irritation . Her doctor told her it didn’t even look like she had radiation.

Thank you Bio-Touch.

Toni Dunn

I dealt with a diabetic patient in a very bad condition, as the immune system produces antibodies that lead to the destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas, and thus the blood sugar level rises in a way that doctors cannot treat. After several sessions, the blood sugar level decreased and the patient’s condition stabilized significantly.

But the surprising thing is that she has been suffering from depression for several years, and that her psychological condition has improved greatly after the Bio touch sessions, and she become a life lover. I learned from this experience that biotech is useful in helping psychological conditions.

Sometimes we deal with specific points that target the pain in a specific place, but we find that there is a problem in another place that has been solved without our intention.

We may also target pain in a specific area of ​​the body, but we find that the psychological state of the recipient has improved.. In general, I noticed that all the cases that I dealt with Bio-touch technology and any other technology, they prefer biotech sessions because it makes them feel comfortable and relaxed and reconcile them on their bodies and themselves.

Dr Hala Shaaban- Egypt

Heard about Bio-Touch as a way to aid with my Macular Pucker.

The Bio-Touch class was very informative, interesting and fun!  Is was applicable to my profession and life!

I will use Bio-Touch in my personal life with family & friends as needed.

It is such a powerful tool for ALL of us to use.  I may use it with clients in my clinic for ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, behavior issues and traumatic brain injuries (T.B.I.).

There is no limits to the possibilities with Bio-Touch.

Thank you to the great Bio-Touch staff for offering this amazing technique to our world and me.

doulas learn bio-touch healing
Katherine Lackey

What brought me to this training was curiosity to expand my techniques to use in the field of maternal health.
Fun & Education class for everyday use.  I love the idea that this is for everyone t practice and not just for the “the experts”.

I am excited to incorporate this into birth work — not for me to practice on pregnant people but rather for their family members , especially partners, to learn to use.

doula and bio-touch healing
Penny Bussell

I too the class to learn Bio-Touch in order to help facilitate my own healing as well as learn something simple yet powerful enough to bring to my family as well as my acupuncture practice.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and feel prepared, at least at the most basic level, to begin to incorporate Bio-Touch into my acupuncture practice.  I can think of countless possibilities to use Bio-Touch to compliment my clinical practice.  I also intend to continue the training and deepen my practice of Bio-Touch as a Certified Practitioner.  I just like how gentle yet powerful it seems to be.

Larry Gatti, Acupuncturist

Sally talks about using Bio-Touch for pain relief especially because there is no chance for addiction or side effects.

Sally Spoestra, RN –

Sally Spoelstra, RN speaks of integrating Bio-Touch into our healthcare program – even to reduce one pain med.

Sally Spoelstra, RN

I wanted to incorporate Bio-Touch into my practice in which I work with addiction and obesity.

In 2000 I took the Practitioner Training after my husband fell in an accident.  He almost died.  The associate at the Bio-Touch Center came to the hospital and worked on him.  I saw that his pulse oxygen went from 80 to over 95 while they were working on him!  I have been working in the corporate world for the last 19 years and have forgotten how important Bio-Touch is.  I have moved back to Tucson and wanted to re-take the class and finally become certified.  I have seen and experienced the benefits and want to share them with my family, friends, and clients.


Dr. Cheryl McKenzie

Part of Eileen’s Presentation at the Gout Health Condition Workshop in 2019.
Eileen tells us how she wished she just had one more trick while trying to help her patients out in the nowhere land of Colorado.


Eileen Webster – Pharmacist

Todd Felder